Kickstarter Highlight: Slasher Royale #1

Slasher Royal issue 1 cover

Slasher Royale is a brand new 5-issue Slasher Horror Comic Series from AfterLight Comics and Joseph Oliveira. We're big fans, so a new series is something we're excited to read eventually.


In 1995, a young boy named Charlie Bowers witnessed his father's death by a notorious serial killer called The Cable Man. Years later, the Cable Man was captured and sentenced to life in a remote high-security prison.

The visions of Charlie's father's death haunt him daily, and he thinks of nothing but avenging his death.

Now, we follow a much older Charlie as a rookie prison guard in an attempt to get closer to his father's killer. But to get to the Cable man, he'll first have to come face to face with some of the nastiest & depraved slashers ever to have walked the earth.


Slasher Royal issue 1 preview 1

Slasher Royal issue 1 preview 2

Slasher Royal issue 1 preview 3


Rewards start from £3 for a digital copy. £6 if you want that first edition print copy. And if you want that signed, it's £8 in total.

Pledge £16 if you want to own a signed copy of Slasher Royale #1 by writer Joseph Oliveira plus a poster of the book cover by Marco Fontanili.

£20, and you can get your hands on the Slasher Royale #1 Original & Variant edition.

£26 gets you a copy of Slasher Royale #1, plus you get to be one of the first to start collecting the Slashers trading cards from Slasher Royale!

Tiers go up massively in price, but you get a lot for that money. For example, the Ultimate Digital Horror Collection consists of 16 Horror Comic issues & 3 Trade paperbacks! Ranging from Folklore, Psychological and Supernatural Horror. It contains over 1000+ pages of Horror Content for just £65. A reasonable price when you break it down.

Check out the other tiers and some more preview pages at the Slasher Royale #1 Kickstarter page.

Kickstarter Link: Slasher Royale #1 - A Slasher Horror Comic Series by Joseph Oliveira — Kickstarter

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