Kickstarter Highlight: The77 Comic Issue 4

The77 issue 4

The latest Kickstarter for The77 launched on Friday and smashed its target in less than 24 hours.

The issue offers a regular cover from John Roydon, co-creator of the strip “Penny Pentagram” with a variant from Lew Stringer featuring many of The77’s characters in a nice snowy Winter setting to tie in with its planned release date

The77 issue 4 Lew Stringer variant cover


'V' part 4: Steve Bull & Ade Hughes with Darren Stephens

'V' part 4

Bounty on the Mutie: Bambos Georgiou & Neil Sims 

Bounty on the Mutie

Trackless Depths part 2: Dave Bedford & Ben 'Mac' Macleod

Trackless Depths part 2

The Cell part 3: Bambos Georgiou & Andrw Sawyers

The Cell part 3

Division'77 Part 4: Dave Heeley & Sinclair Elliott

Division'77 Part 4

Penny Pentagram part 2: David Thomas & Jon Roydon

Penny Pentagram part 2

A Demon For Dinner: Jim Tomlinson & Rupert Lewis Jones

A Demon For Dinner

Martian Law part 3: Brendon Wright

Martian Law part 3

Undertow part 3: Joe and Jeremy Dunn

Undertow part 3

'Scarred for Life' feature by Jo Heeley

'Scarred for Life' feature

Sgt Shouty of Moon Force! Part 4: Lew Stringer

Sgt Shouty of Moon Force

Prodigal part 3: Mal Earl

Prodigal part 3

funSShun: Paul Duncan & Robert Wells


Exclusive Kickstarter edition 'Sk8te Worm Fanzine': Conan & Gleave

Exclusive Kickstarter edition 'Sk8te Worm Fanzine

You can back for as little as £5 for a digital edition, with a great range of goodies the higher you pledge. If their previous issues are anything to go by, this one will be brilliant.

You can back the Kickstarter here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/the77comic/the77-4 

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