Kickstarter Highlight: WENDIGO WOOD #4

AfterLight Comics has just launched their latest Kickstarter with the final instalment of Wendigo Wood. After failing to meet their agreement the cult are finally met with the Wendigo.

And we're used to seeing some cracking covers from AfterLight Comics, but this is definitely up there as one of our favourites. Make sure you consider the variant cover as well because that's even better!


Wendigo Wood #4

A retired war veteran's search for his missing daughter leads him to a forest home to the urban legend of the Wendigo.

The story follows protagonist Hank Williamson, having served in the Korean war many would think his experiences would haunt him.

Yet on his return, he finds himself at the centre of every parent's worst nightmare when he learns of the disappearance of his daughter.

In the final instalment of the series, after failing to meet their agreement the cult are met with the Wendigo.


Wendigo Wood #4 preview 1

Wendigo Wood #4 preview 2

Wendigo Wood #4 preview 3


Rewards start from £3 for a digital copy. It's £7 for the 30-page physical edition of the final instalment in the Wendigo Wood series, plus a digital copy. If you want that physical copy signed, it's an extra £2.

If you've not read any of Wendigo Wood you can get the digital collection for £10 which is a great price. For physical copies, it's £22 for all four plus digital and £25 to have all 4 issues signed. And that amazing variant cover we mentioned at the beginning which you can see below? That is £20, signed - and you also get the standard cover, signed, as well as a digital copy.

Wendigo Wood #4 Variant Cover

Other rewards include £65 for the full AfterLight Comics digital collection; a £70 collectors edition featuring both signed editions of Wendigo Wood #4, 4 Kickstarter exclusive prints & the official comic script signed by writer Joseph Oliveira; plus a few more tiers. Check out the Kickstarter page to view all the details.

Kickstarter Link: Wendigo Wood 1- #4 A Folk Horror Comic Series by Joseph Oliveira — Kickstarter

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