Out Now: Heroine from Markosia

by Benjamin Williams
14th May, 2024
1 minute

Markosia is thrilled to introduce its latest graphic novel release, "Heroine".

Heroine cover

The story is set in the year 2050, in a dystopian future overrun by crime and gangs. The protagonist, known as Heroine, has experienced a death and resurrection, akin to a phoenix rising from the ashes, due to her past involvement in the underworld.

Now granted a second chance at life, she is determined to amend her past and pursue personal retribution.

Heroine preview

Written by Pedro Belushi, illustrated by Guillermo Zerda, and created by Fernando Sosa, Heroine is now available for purchase through the links provided on the Markosia website: https://markosia.com/heroine/.

Delve into this captivating story of redemption and vengeance as the Heroine navigates a world filled with adversity in her quest for salvation.

For more information on Heroine and Markosia''s other releases, visit markosia.com.

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