Out Now: Hollow Girl Collected Edition Vol 2 - Dark Reflections, from Markosia

by Benjamin Williams
24th March, 2024
2 minutes

Markosia is pleased to announce its latest graphic novel release, Hollow Girl - Collected Edition - Volume Two: Dark Reflections.

This volume, which comprises three gripping tales and additional short stories, showcases Hollow Girl's unyielding crusade against crime alongside the complexities of her own haunted existence.

Prepare to be enthralled by the stark artwork and compelling narrative that has already garnered acclaim from critics and fans alike. Dive into the darkness with Hollow Girl, where the ghosts of the past are just as formidable as the villains of the present.

"Dark, gritty, creepy and totally unapologetic, Hollow Girl is a brilliant mixture of simplistic art and the harsh complexity of real life. This is a MUST READ BOOK. I Loved it!" – POP CULTURE HQ

Hollow Girl Collected Edition Vol 2 - Dark Reflections cover


Hollow Girl forms an uneasy alliance with a cop to hunt down a sadistic murderer who seems to be copying the crimes of the city's most notorious killers. But the duo soon discover that something far darker is going on, and Hollow Girl is forced to confront a distorted reflection of herself and her supernatural gift.

Hollow Girl Volume Two: Dark Reflections preview one


When her childhood friend is mowed down in a drive-by shooting, Hollow Girl reluctantly dons the mask once more to take on a building full of bad guys that even the police wouldn't dare to enter – the so-called Fortress. But something doesn't add up and Kat is about to learn that the dead can be just as manipulative as the living.


There's a girl in a mask killing bad guys, but it's not Kat. A less experienced wannabe has taken her place. You can bet that when Kat returns, there's going to be a reckoning, and not just with her 'Little Sister'. Detective Collins has crossed a line, leading to an inevitable and bloody final showdown.

Hollow Girl Volume Two: Dark Reflections preview two

This book also contains two short stories, one of which is the unseen introduction to an alternate Victorian version of Hollow Girl.

Written and illustrated by Luke Cooper, Hollow Girl - Collected Edition - Volume Two: Dark Reflections is out now and available from the links on the Markosia website.

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