Out Now: The Long Yesterday from Markosia

by Benjamin Williams
3rd April, 2024
1 minute

Markosia is pleased to announce the release of The Long Yesterday! A thrilling tale where time is both friend and foe, from the creative minds of Osmarco Valladão and Manoel Magalhães.

The Long Yesterday from Markosia

Infinite assassins. A letter that can anticipate the seconds of a man’s life. The mob. Hard-boiled detectives. A damsel in distress.

The story is about Hollywood’s best private investigator, who is about to discover that he is just a small piece in a much larger plot - a plot in the future that undoes a past with endless and timeless pictures.

The Long Yesterday preview one

To overcome the challenges he faces, he must rely on his courage, heavy firepower, and a team of specialists who shoot first and ask questions later. He is faced with a group of politicians and scientists who are seeking to dominate all realities.

The story is a race against time as the private investigator and his team try to defeat the villains who have all the time in the world. The story is action-packed and full of suspense that will keep readers on the edge of their seats.

The Long Yesterday preview two

Written by Osmarco Valladão and Manoel Magalhães and illustrated by Manoel Magalhães, The Long Yesterday is out now and available from the links on the Markosia website.

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