Pre-order New Carlos Ezquerra & John Wagner Collections Now

As we near the 45th anniversary of 2000 AD, more and more become available to pre-order, and now you can get your orders in for two exciting collections that don't just celebrate 2000 AD, but also two of the best creatives to work for them. Legends, if you will.

The Best of John Wagners Judge Dredd and The Art of Carlos Ezquerra

Few creative partnerships have changed comics forever, but as part of its 45th anniversary, two new collections will celebrate 2000 AD‘s powerhouse pairing – John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra!

Both available to pre-order now, The Best of John Wagner’s Judge Dredd and The Art of Carlos Ezquerra will give long-time fans and new readers alike the chance to enjoy some of the highlights of the legacy of these two comics titans.

It was this partnership that produced the iconic Judge Dredd, as well as future mutant bounty hunter series Strontium Dog, and – whether working separately or together – they produced five decades of groundbreaking stories and many unforgettable characters.

The Best of John Wagner’s Judge Dredd will be published on 16 March and The Art of Carlos Ezquerra on 11 May. Both are now available to pre-order from 2000 AD’s webshop as well as from book and comic book stores, and online retailers.

An often unsung titan of the industry, Ezquerra’s influence has been as broad as his artwork was inimitable. When he passed away unexpectedly in 2018, comics was robbed of one of its most vibrant, dynamic and powerful talents, yet his legacy is almost unparalleled in the industry.

The Art of Carlos Ezquerra is a 240-page hardcover collection spanning half a century of his comic work, beginning with samples from his early art on romance titles as Valentine and Mirabelle. It will also include never-before-reprinted short war comics from the groundbreaking 1970s war comic, Battle, before showcasing his sumptuous colour work on Strontium Dog, and culminating with a selection of his 2000 AD work and Judge Dredd.

Few writers have had the impact on comics as John Wagner, and The Best of John Wagner’s Judge Dredd celebrates 45 years of his greatest creation – the ‘Lawman of the future’, Judge Dredd. One of the best-known voices in British comics, and respected and revered for revitalising the industry in the 1970s, Wagner’s style is unmistakeable – terse, action-packed, poignant, and often blackly funny. His often unacknowledged influence can be seen not just in the ‘British Invasions’ of the 1980s, but throughout modern comics. This 305-page hardcover collection features some of the funniest, most poignant and action-packed Judge Dredd tales penned by the great man himself.



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