Pre-Order The Traveller: Far Trader #2 from Markosia now

by Benjamin Williams
26th March, 2024
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Markosia Enterprises is excited to announce the pre-order launch of the much-anticipated second issue of the Traveller comic series, The Traveller: Far Trader #2, in collaboration with Mongoose Publishing.

Set in the remote Aramis Subsector on the edge of the Empire, the story follows the intrepid crew of the Nelanaak as they navigate the precarious life of tramp traders.

Traveller: Far Trader #2

Aramis Subsector: The Imperial Frontier. In this isolated and volatile region, the brave crew of the Nelanaak, or "Slowhand" as they call her, make their way as tramp traders. Buying low and selling high is the name of the game.

Sometimes, a single trading ship can make all the difference in a backwater place like Aramis, but sometimes, such a ship is unwelcome. Traders must tread carefully.

The Traveller: Far Trader #2 preview one

Traveller is a role-playing game set in the far future. First published in 1977, it is now brought to you by Mongoose Publishing. Traveller: Far Trader is a foray into Traveller's celebrated Charted Space setting, where ordinary spacers take on extraordinary challenges.

The Traveller: Far Trader #2 preview two

This issue also includes bonus material for the game that describes Carsten Station, an orbital space station on the Imperial frontier, a place your Travellers can visit, engage in trade, have adventures, and brave the dangers of a wild frontier starport.

Written by Chris Griffen and illustrated by Xavier Bernard, Traveller: Far Trader #2 will be out on April 30th and is available to pre-order now from the following link:

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