Preview: 2000 AD Prog 2375

by Benjamin Williams
24th March, 2024
3 minutes

Welcome to the latest issue of the Galaxy's Greatest Comic - 2000 AD Prog 2375. This is the first of four bumper issues that will be released throughout the year, each offering bonus stories alongside the ongoing Thrills.

In this issue, you can expect to read the latest instalments of Full Tilt Boogie and Indigo Prime, as well as the thrilling conclusion to the folk chiller Thistlebone.

Additionally, you can look forward to a brand-new Judge Dredd story by Rob Williams and RM Guera that serves as a prologue to the upcoming series, a ten-page long opening instalment of the deep-space actioner Proteus Vex by Mike Carroll and Jake Lynch, and a complete Rogue Trooper tale from David Barnett and Paul Marshall.

  • UK and DIGITAL: 27 March £4.99
  • NORTH AMERICA: 1 May $24.50 (per pack)
  • DIAMOND: JAN241898

2000 AD Prog 2375 cover

In Prog 2375

NEW: Judge Dredd: First Man Up

Writer: Rob Williams
Art: RM Guera
Colours: Giulia Brusco
Letters: Annie Parkhouse

Mega-City One, 2146 AD. Home to over 200 million citizens, this urban hell is situated along the east coast of post-apocalyptic North America, with the toxic Black Atlantic to the east and the irradiated Cursed Earth to the west. Crime is rampant, and only future cops the Judges — empowered to dispense instant justice — can stop total anarchy. Toughest of them all is JUDGE DREDD — he is the Law!

Judge Dredd: First Man Up

Full Tilt Boogie: Book Two

Writer: Alex de Campi
Art: Eduardo Ocana
Colours: Eva De La Cruz
Letters: Annie Parkhouse

Out in the deep reaches of the cosmos, teenager Tee — together with her grandmother and cat — is a bounty hunter/hired help, operating from her spaceship the FULL TILT BOOGIE. Tee was paid to rescue the Luxine Prince Ifan from his debtors’ prison. In the process, she encountered a resurrected Anubite warrior, a member of the enemy race with whom the Luxine Empire was at war. Now, they’ve sought refuge on Tanzagar...

Full Tilt Boogie: Book Two

Thistlebone: The Dule Tree

Writer: T.C. Eglington
Art: Simon Davis
Letters: Simon Bowland

Britain, 2020. It’s been over a year since journalist Seema Chaudry accompanied cult survivor Avril Easton back to the village of Harrowvale, where she suffered at the hands of THISTLEBONE worshippers, a crazed occult group that believed in an ancient woodland deity. One man in the village, Malcolm Kinniburgh, was keeping the Thistlebone legend alive — but it seems to be connected with an old ‘70s horror film...

Thistlebone: The Dule Tree

Indigo Prime: Black Monday

Writer: Kek-W
Art: Lee Carter
Letters: Jim Campbell

The multiverse. There is an infinite number of parallel realities, and all need managing in case of dimensional instability. This is where INDIGO PRIME came in, the multiverse’s troubleshooters, whose agents are trained to deal with space/time catastrophes. Now, IP’s HQ has been destroyed in a cataclysmic event, and its assets acquired by the company ICP. But Clive Vista has a plan, involving Tyranny Rex...

Indigo Prime: Black Monday

NEW: Rogue Trooper: War Child

Writer: David Barnett
Art: Paul Marshall
Colours: Pippa Bowland
Letters: Jim Campbell

Nu Earth, site of a galactic war between the Norts and the Southers, where use of chemical weapons has rendered the atmosphere poisonous. So the Southers created the Genetic Infantrymen, bred to be immune to the planet’s pollutants — G.I.s like ROGUE TROOPER, the last of his kind. Together with biochip buddies Helm, Gunnar and Bagman, they’re searching for the traitor that sold them out...

Rogue Trooper: War Child

NEW: Proteus Vex: Devious

Writer: Mike Carroll
Art: Jake Lynch
Colours: Jim Boswell
Letters: Simon Bowland

The far future. The centuries-long war between the Alliance and the Obdurate people is over, a conflict ended when the Alliance teleported a dying white dwarf star into the Obdurate system. Imperium agent PROTEUS VEX — who is operated by a flesh-pilot — became an enemy of the Alliance when he released info about past war crimes. In the wake of the war with the Scorchers, Vex is missing, presumed dead...

Proteus Vex: Devious

Available in print from: newsagents and comic book stores via Diamond
Available in digital from: 2000 AD webshop and apps for iPad, Android, Windows 10

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