Review: Capital P

by Benjamin Williams
14th April, 2024
3 minutes

How about a comic with a hero who has to learn what it means for him in a world that's a far cry from the pages of a superhero comic? Where the hero has to uphold his morals in a world that has different ideas of what justice actually is? Well, Capital P from Sam Gardner Jr and Jerome Canty could be what you need in your life.

Capital P Book One cover

Capital P Book One is a new twelve-issue comic book maxi-series. The story revolves around a masked hero, The Patroller, who adheres to a strict no-killing policy while capturing a criminal. His morality is inspired by the comics that led to him becoming the city's newest protector. But the justice system is not the same as in the comics, so things are going to get complicated when it comes to right and wrong.

Starting with the art, like usual, Jerome Canty's style is effective for a story like this, leaving a mesmerising impact on the viewer. The interplay of shadows and colours is superbly executed, lending a dark and gritty feel to the overall narrative.

There are a few cool moments sprinkled throughout the story that really stand out, like a top-down view of our hero following a dog, or a split panel of a meaningful support character showing them as alive and dead. Canty's artwork breathes life into the characters and transports the reader into the world of the story with each panel.

Capital P book one preview one

The story follows our hero investigating the murder of Bill, a friendly homeless man whom he'd befriended and bonded with over comics. There's a sense that there's a lot more to the murder than meets the eye, a bigger mystery to uncover. We slowly build up to the end, where there's a point of realisation that sets up the rest of the series beautifully. But the potentially bigger mystery still remains.

The Patroller is a captivating character with his unique technology, methods, and enigmatic identity. The way he cares for those under his protection is heartwarming, and I appreciated how his heroic and personal life are intertwined. Recording taking down a criminal to hand to the authorities is great to see, and much better than just leaving them tied up outside a police station leaving with no evidence against them.

There's also a little dash of humour, with someone on the news saying he's clearly pro-death because he has a big Capital P on his top - it's ridiculous, but that's what makes it funny. Maybe his Patroller name won't catch on at all.

Capital P book one preview two

There's also a nice touch at the end with a short preview of the comic that inspired the characters in the comic. It's not exactly needed, but it's appreciated. It's pretty cool to see a bit of the comic that Bill talks about so fondly in order to make sure The Patroller remains on the right track to being a hero.

The discussion surrounding justice and punishment is compelling and relevant to contemporary society and will hopefully be explored further as the narrative progresses.

Capital P emerges as a series that skillfully blends the gritty realism of a hero's journey with the vibrant escapism of comic books. It offers a fresh perspective on the superhero genre, challenging the conventional notions of justice and morality. With its unique blend of humour, heart, and social commentary, Capital P is a must-read for anyone looking for a superhero story that dares to ask tough questions about the world we live in. Will we end up agreeing with his heroic methods? Will things go too far? Is he going to be able to remain being viewed as a hero when taking justice into his own hands? I guess we'll find out over the next 11 issues!

Rating: 4.5/5

Capital P Book One is available for purchase digitally and in print through

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