Review: Not Tested On Animals 1-3

by Benjamin Williams
16th January, 2024
3 minutes

If you’re a fan of suspense, mystery, conspiracies and mutated experiments, then Not Tested On Animals is a comic series that might be right up your alley. Written by Jordan Nigh, with art by Bobby Ezeagu, colouring by Robert Nugent and lettered by Justin Birch, the third issue has only recently finished funding on Kickstarter, with issue 4 on the way.

Not Tested on Animals

Not Tested On Animals is about a deranged doctor who has been conducting animal experiments deep within Black Rose Labs (which gave me a chuckle, considering the series is published by Black Rose Publishing). Those unethical animal experiments spiral into unforeseen chaos, and we are taken on a journey of just how badly things can go.

The series is a horror thriller with a dark, twisted plot and a lot of gore and violence.

The art from Bobby Ezeagu has a style that'd be at home in Manga. It's a nice style that suits the theme of the story. There are some human/animal hybrids that look amazing and this is where Ezeagu shines, showing lots of emotion on an animalistic face. The dark tones of the story come through powerfully with art like this.

Not Tested On Animals issue one

The colouring is mainly dark and muted, creating a gloomy and oppressive atmosphere. A lot of panels are coloured with a lighting hue - a greenish tint to the panels where the lighting in the room is slightly green, for example. It makes some panels really pop when the scene changes, and so does the hue.

The lettering by Justin Birch is clear and concise. Whilst there's nothing to wow, there's absolutely nothing to complain about as everything is easily readable, which is the most important thing.

As for the writing, this series has a strong message against animal testing and cruelty and raises ethical questions about the limits of science and human nature. It also explores the themes of revenge, justice, and redemption and how they affect the characters and their choices. Jordan Nigh has worked in some twists and surprises that will keep you engaged and curious. I know I'm certainly looking forward to seeing where this goes!

Not Tested On Animals issue two

Issue one is the setup, showing test subject 0001 being experimented on before bombs take out much of the building and a team are sent in to clear up the mess. Collect the tags of all 25 experiments, so there's no proof that they're experiments. Things don't work out as planned and 0001 is... I guess you could say a success? Guess it depends on what they were going for.

Issue two picks up where things left off, and we find that the psycho Doctor is continuing his experiments elsewhere. Blowing up his previous building isn't something that'll stop him. This guy is on a mission. We also find out that human/animal hybrids are already a thing as the story dives in a different direction than I thought it was going.

And finally, the newly funded issue three. Where the story drives on, and you find out a bit more about what's been going on and how deranged some of these experiments can be. There's action, drama and shocking revelations that'll leave you crying out for more. And the good news is that issue four is coming to Kickstarter soon, so you shouldn't have long to wait.

What we get all put together is a unique, horrifying, captivating story. It might not be for everyone, but there's also a lot to enjoy. Things will surely get darker as the series progresses, and I get the feeling there might not even be a happy ending. If it keeps this up, though, the journey will be worth it. It might even serve as a good reminder that we shouldn't experiment on animals. Although Terminator showed that we shouldn't mess with AI and yet look where we're going.

Not Tested On Animals issue three

Not Tested On Animals is a horror-thriller comic book series exploring scientific research's dark side and its impact on human and animal lives. It features a potent mix of gore and moral quandaries, which may not be suitable for those with a weak stomach. It features expertly crafted artwork with a sombre colour palette, which creates a haunting visual and emotional journey for readers. And the story is a rollercoaster with lots of revelations of how depraved some secret organisations can be. If this ends strongly, then it'll be a fantastic series.

If you want to grab yourself issues 1-3 before the next Kickstarter, you can do so at the Black Rose Publishing website. Or you can wait for the Kickstarter and get all four issues - but I'll always suggest buying directly, where they'll get 100% of the payment.

Rating: 4.5/5

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