Review: REDEYE Annual 2024

by Benjamin Williams
10th February, 2024
2 minutes

Everyone loves a good comic magazine, right? If you do, then REDEYE is certainly a magazine that you should pay attention to. It's a magazine dedicated to promoting independent comics in the UK and beyond.

REDEYE Annual 2024 cover

REDEYE was initially launched in November 2003 by Engine Comics and the Accent UK collective and ran for six print issues and one digital edition. It featured news, previews, articles, interviews, and reviews of various indie comics, as well as showcasing some original comic strips by emerging talents.

The REDEYE 2024 Annual is a revival of the magazine, which was relaunched at Thought Bubble 2023. The annual contains a mix of new and old content, including some of the best features and comics from the previous issues, as well as new interviews, reviews, and comic strips by some of the most exciting indie creators in the UK and abroad.

REDEYE news preview

To start with, there's a section on indie comics, which is absolutely wonderful to read. At times, it can feel a bit cramped, but everything is clearly separated. And I found one or two that I didn't even know about which was brilliant - and also exactly what this magazine is for. To provide fans with an opportunity to discover something new.

Then we move on to full-page previews, which I absolutely loved. One of the best ways to sell a comic is by showing what it looks like. With a little information at the bottom of each page for who and where this preview is from, along with what it's about. It's smartly laid out with the book's cover in the bottom corner.

REDEYE Annual 2024 indie news preview

And finally, there's the interview section, which has some incredible-looking pages. Double-page spreads showcasing the comic art or using colour to make everything stand out. It's a really fun and interesting section that looks completely different to the first section that highlights comics.

It's a wonderful way to give readers insight into not just what's being written, but also the style of the comics being talked about. The interviews going into some great detail and if they aren't selling you on that creator or their comics, then I don't know what will. They're informative and interesting. Each one looks different to the other. And you get a nice little insight into who the people are behind the comics.

REDEYE Annual 2024 interview

The REDEYE Annual 2024 is a fantastic showcase of the indie comic scene in the UK and beyond. It offers a wealth of information, insights, and entertainment for comic fans and creators alike. Whether you are looking for new comics to read, new creators to follow, or new tips to improve your own comic skills, you will find something of value in this magazine. The REDEYE Annual 2024 is not only a tribute to the past of REDEYE, but also a testament to the present and future of indie comics.

If you love comics, you should definitely get your hands on a copy of this annual. You won't regret it. Print and PDF copies are available at

Rating: 5/5

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