Review: Sentinel #15, WOLFRIDERS

by Benjamin Williams
20th March, 2024
3 minutes

If you're looking for some black and white fantasy with a dramatic flair of Manga, then Sentinel 15: Wolfriders by writer Alan Holloway and artist Jack Parsons could be what you're after. This is an epic saga of good versus evil wrapped up in the traditional Sentinel of 64 pages.

Sentinel #15, WOLFRIDERS

In the upcoming 15th issue of Sentinel, new comic artist Jack Parsons gives the comic a unique twist with a Manga-inspired fantasy comic, adding to the ever expanding list of styles that Sentinal has represented. Readers will find out about the wolves, what happened to Anna's mother, and most importantly, the names of the wolves.

It features a classic battle of good versus evil, elves riding wolves (inspired by Elfquest), an evil queen, magic, adventure, and more.

Starting with the art, Jack Parsons clearly has a deep passion for Manga, which is brilliantly reflected in this work. He takes readers on a mesmerizing journey through a visually captivating world.

WOLFRIDERS preview one

Some of the pages feature absolutely stunning illustrations that showcase good talent and creativity. Getting a Manga feel throughout is impressive, and it mostly works. Nothing feels out of place; there are some lovely panel designs, and you have to take into account that Sentinel comics are smaller than your standard comic. Scenery panels, in particular, look incredible, showing a nice balance of textures and blocks of black or white.

As for the writing, Alan Holloway complements the art with a tale of good vs evil, complete with elves, an evil queen, and magical wolves. Alan wrote a story that plays to the strengths of Jack's art and he really came through with an issue that will appeal to comic fans of all ages. We're fans of Alan's work here at Comic Book News, and this is another wonderful tale, showing his range of storytelling.

The story follows Anna, who is half-elf and half-human. She lives with her human dad following the loss of her mum. But life isn't what it seems, and Anna's world is about to be spun upside down when two wolf-riding elves capture her to enlist her help with a Dark Elf who wants to bring darkness to the world.

WOLFRIDERS preview two

This is one of those ones, though, where I feel that the Sentinel format hampers the story slightly. At some point, things feel a bit rushed. A longer page count or splitting the story over two issues would allow the story to be fleshed out a bit more, particularly in the second half. It'd allow for more drama and emotional weight to be added to the story. Just a bit more, so maybe not enough for two issues, which makes fitting it into one the right choice.

It's not a big complaint, though, as I do like that the Sentinel issues can be read individually without needing another issue. And you have to appreciate that Alan has telling a complete story in this format down to a fine art. It's an unconventional comic format, yet he makes it work.

The lettering is handled by Ed Doyle, the co-creator of Sentinel with Alan. He's a brilliant artist, and just as accomplished when it comes to lettering. Wolfriders has a more hand-drawn feel to the text, but it's still very clear and easy to read which is perfect.

Overall, Wolfriders is a must-read for comic enthusiasts looking for a standalone adventure that blends classic fantasy elements with the distinct style of Manga. It's a fun, action packed fantasy adventure that's filled with elves, wolves, tons of action and heart.

Check out the Kickstarter whilst it's still live. You can pick up a digital copy for just £3, but Sentinel is a perfect little comic form physically, so I'd recommend going in with at least £6 for that physical/digital combo.

Rating: 4/5

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