Review: Time Out - A Day at the Ruins by Alex Rooth

by Benjamin Williams
26th November, 2023
2 minutes

Sometimes you want a simple, easy-to-read comic suitable for all ages. Time Out: A Day at the Ruins by Alex Rooth is a black-and-white, calm-inducing, 60-page comic that could be just what you need.

Time Out: A Day at the Ruins cover, by Alex Rooth

Time Out: A Day at the Ruins follows an unnamed young woman who travels to a remote island in search of a little escape from life. Giving work and her mobile phone a rest. There are more than enough people who can sympathise with that!

Amidst the ancient ruins and flooded buildings, surrounded by the tranquil shade of pine trees and the warm embrace of the sun, she embarks on a journey of physical and mental rejuvenation.

Time Out preview 1

With just a handful of words in the book, Alex's artwork has to take centre stage and steal the show. And what we get from Alex is expressive black-and-white art that sometimes can feel a bit loose, and at other times, you're looking at a page and loving everything you see. The illustrations can be expressive and powerful, with the ability to evoke emotions and conveys everything without the need for text.

This is a book about relaxation. We would lose that feeling if we knew what was going through this young woman's head. We won't need to know what's been stressing her out, how she's feeling whilst relaxing or what, if anything, is still bothering her. That would make us connect with her on a deeper level and think about our own stresses that relate to her problems - and then we're not relaxed.

The minimal text choice for Time Out is a stroke of genius, as it really emphasises the whole point of the book. You can click through this in a minute and enjoy it. Or you can take your time, really soak in the experience as though you were there, and feel a little bit more relaxed than you were. It's almost like a little meditation book where you can lose yourself in the pages and come out feeling refreshed.

Time Out preview 2

If you're looking for a nice and relaxing read, Time Out: A Day at the Ruins may be just what you need. This book delivers everything it promises, with some lovely artwork and a lack of words that enhance the overall experience. As you follow the story of a young woman exploring the ruins, you'll feel yourself becoming part of a meditative experience that transcends words and immerses you in a realm of relaxation and mental rejuvenation.

The book is available through Amazon, both physically and via Kindle.

Rating: 4/5

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