Review: Ugly Mug 7

by Benjamin Williams
15th December, 2023
2 minutes

If you're looking for a comic packed full of wild underground art-comix from start to finish, with comics to amuse and confuse, then the annual House of Harley anthology Ugly Mug 7 could be just what you're after.

Ugly Mug 7 cover

Ugly Mug 7 features a diverse range of stories and styles, from darkly satirical tales to absurdist comedies, all drawn with a raw, expressive style that's sure to appeal to fans of the genre. This is an anthology that'll make you laugh, admire artistic flair, and maybe even question your sanity.

This year's edition features an Iestyn Pettigrew wraparound cover that is as mad and colourful as you'd expect - it's attention-grabbing. The anthology contains a variety of exciting stories exploring themes of karma and chaos and is dedicated to the memory of Chris Reynolds (1960-2023), who was best known for his creation of Mauretania Comics, and also has work featured in Ugly Mug 7 as well as in previous editions.

Ugly Mug previews 1

This year's anthology is packed with highlights, such as "How A Comic is Made", which shockingly depicts precisely what the title suggests; "The Public Convenience" about the travails of a big city toilet attendant; and "Otherweirdly" where another world is imaged.

The art in Ugly Mug 7 is impressive, with various styles from established and new artists. Notable works include Denny Derbyshire's expressive linework, Ed Pinsent's intricate drawings, and John Bagnall's psychedelic visuals.

The pieces of art that are scattered throughout might seem out of place in other anthologies but in this work. They can be nice little interludes - although there's no real need for interludes as the stories vary in size from half a page to multiple pages. But they're still good to see such a variety of art, be it through a story or just a single-page drawing.

Ugly Mug previews 2

Ugly Mug 7 is a must-read for fans of underground comics. This collection is thought-provoking and entertaining, and it's guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on readers. With its originality, humour, and audacity, it will surprise and delight readers.

If you want a copy, head over to the Lulu website where you can purchase a copy for yourself or someone you know for £19.99.

Rating: 4.5/5

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