Review: Zip #2 - A Grungy Superhuman Comic

by Benjamin Williams
17th November, 2023
3 minutes

If you're a fan of black-and-white art, superhero comics, and stories that delve into the issue of prejudice fueled by ignorance and apathy, then you might want to check out Zip #2. The comic is currently being funded on Kickstarter and has been written by Mike Scrase, with art by San Espina and lettering by Ferran Delgado.

Zip 2 cover

Zip issue one was a revelation. It's a comic about imperfect superhumans that looks to ground superheroes in a world of realism. One of my favourite parts of issue one was Zip's grandad, an immortal, but whilst his body won't let him die, his brain cannot cope with immortality. It was a brilliant comic, giving us something a little bit different to the usual world of superheroes, especially with the showcase of disabilities, both physical and mental.

So, where does Zip #2 take us? In a slightly different direction storywise, but artistically it's that same stunning art style from San Espina. I love black-and-white comics, so this is right up my street. It's a style that suits the gritty and realistic tone of the story. The art is detailed and expressive and captures the emotions and actions of the characters.

Zip #2 - Mr Untouchable

Espina uses various mediums such as pencil shading, charcoal, and watercolour to keep the artwork fresh despite the lack of colour. It can be absolutely incredible to look at, and gives off a noir vibe to the whole comic. There is also no lack of savageness shown, with broken bones, an eye popping out, and some blood - all handled without colour and looking just as effective as if there was blood red all over the place. Movements are handled expertly as we go through some scenes at a fast pace, and there's some nice little bits of detail to some panels that you can appreciate for a bit before turning the page.

The lettering by Ferran Delgado is nice and clear, and it was nice to see the continuation of certain words throughout having a slight boldness.

As for the writing, Mike Scrase has worked up another brilliant issue, but this one goes in a different direction than the first. There are some flashbacks to Zip's childhood, and even to before she was born with her parents being shown by doctors that she has a lightning-fast heartbeat. There's also a backstory and buildup for her new nemesis, Mr Untouchable.

The second issue delves into a dangerous quirk of Zip's powers: her body's high-energy release upon extreme stress, which makes her touch explosive. And Mr Untouchable is so skilled in the martial arts that there is no attack he cannot evade and no technique he cannot counter. But he's not met someone like Zip before. Oh, and there's a good reason why he doesn't want to ever be touched, although I'm not sure martial arts was the best life skill for him to learn as it's kinda asking for trouble with his issues.

It's refreshing to see heroes and villains portrayed as flawed and vulnerable. They all have their own issues, just like real people do, which makes them more relatable and interesting. Zip is still trying to come to terms with her powers and what she can accomplish, which makes her more relatable than if she were an all-powerful superhero who is overly confident in her abilities. She has doubts about herself and her powers, and that'll only grow beyond this issue because her powers do cause problems - well, problems if you care, like Zip does. Maybe not so much if you don't care what damage your superpowers can do to people, but then you'd be the villain, not a hero. And I can't wait to see how this will all be explored.

Zip #2 - Alley Fight

Zip #2 is a grungy superhuman comic that explores the themes of prejudice, power, and identity. The comic delves into the themes of power, identity, and prejudice. This graphic novel is filled with thrilling action and suspense, guaranteed to capture the attention of fans of superhero comics and black-and-white art. The story tackles the issue of passive prejudice, fueled by ignorance and apathy instead of the more commonly known motivation of hatred. It challenges readers to confront the quiet side of discrimination and intolerance, and it's lining up to be a story that you can't miss out on for many reasons.

You can support the comic on Kickstarter and get your copy of Zip #2 and other rewards. Don’t miss this opportunity to join Zip on her journey of discovery and adventure. And if you missed out on issue one, then you're in luck, as you can get both issues through Kickstarter.

Rating: 5/5

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