Don't Miss the Chance to Own the Robin of Sherwood: The Complete Look-In Comics in Softback

by Benjamin Williams
16th November, 2023
2 minutes

'Robin of Sherwood: The Complete Look-In Comics' will be made available once again via Chinbeard Books and Spiteful Puppet, with distribution from AUK Direct.

This new, and very limited, full-sized softback edition of this previously award-winning collection is slated for release in January 2024. The book will once again be produced in collaboration with partners Rebellion Publishing and The Treasury of British Comics.

Robin of Sherwood: The Complete Look-In Comics in Softback

Originally published as a special edition hardback in 2022, 'Robin of Sherwood: The Complete Look-In Comics' is an award-winning book that collects the entire run of these exquisitely illustrated and action-packed comic strips. Robert Hammond has lovingly restored every page, who also provides specially written inserts alongside commissioning editor Barnaby Eaton-Jones, and Andrew Orton (author, 'Hooded Man').

"Even though we tried to reach as many people as possible, some fans of the show, Look-In, and Mikle Noble the artist, didn’t spot the hardback version was on sale. As this was restricted to one print run, inevitably we sold out very quickly. It’s taken a lot of months and a lot of chin-waggery to be in the position to be able to produce a softback version to allow those who missed it not to be paying silly money on eBay for a second-hand copy!"

The collection also features a foreword essay on Mike Noble — the artist responsible for drawing 95% of the strips in this collection. The essay is written by noted comic book artist Lee Sullivan, who also provides a new art piece. The collection also includes work by Arthur Ranson and Phil Gascgogine.

Often considered the finest version of the Robin Hood legend, Richard Carpenter's 'Robin of Sherwood' was a hugely popular television series from 1984 to 1986. The show's success led to an accompanying comic strip in Look-In Magazine — a bestselling young people's magazine which also ran interviews, features, and other articles. The 'Robin of Sherwood' comic strips ran for the entirety of the three years the show was on the air. Fans of Look-In will also find many of the interviews, articles, and other features that adorned the magazine's pages alongside the strips reproduced in this collection.

"Obviously, as with the previous hardback, the licence holders feel such a special release should be somewhat of a collector’s item, and so we only have the guarantee of a short run of these softback versions. It really is the last chance to grab this complete Robin of Sherwood collection before it gets thrown into the Sheriff’s dungeon once again."

This very limited-run softback edition (which will not be available beyond this short run), has been commissioned — with the kind permission of Rebellion Publishing — to allow those who missed out on the previous, long sold out, hardback edition to get their hands on a copy of this award-winning collection.

This amazing collector's item of a book is perfect for any Robin Hood or 'Robin of Sherwood' fan and is only available via AUK Direct (whilst stocks last):

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