Spacewarp Announce Hellbreaker: Fire in the Blood

Hellbreaker: Fire in the Blood

It feels like an age since Spacewarp came out - although the whole COVID situation hasn't helped. But good news if you're a fan of Spacewarp and Pat Mills as they have announced a new title born out of the Spacewarp comic - Hellbreaker: Fire in the Blood.

Hellbreaker: Fire in the Blood stars Anton De La Rue, an assassin who escaped from Hell to punish the living, and Detective Inspector McNeil who is determined to send him back to Eternal Damnation.

In announcing the comic, a whole host of information was given out, providing us with reasons why it is being released as a collection.

The long-term strategy of our Spacewarp project has always been for all creators to eventually produce collections of their own stories, so we're achieving that sooner rather than later. We've started with Hellbreaker, though it was a difficult choice with five equally exciting rivals. Our plan is to then do the same with Xecutioners, SF1, Fu-tant, Slayer and Jurassic Punx.

We also know that it will be released in colour instead of black and white.

Hellbreaker: Fire in the Blood is going to be a Kickstarter project, which is a change in tactic that we didn't expect. There are a lot of benefits to crowdfunding though so taking advantage of that makes sense.

The plan is for a Kickstarter release later this year once the comic is complete

Spacewarp was a lot of fun, so seeing those stories expanded upon in their own collections is definitely something to look forward to.

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