Spectrum Anthology from Time Bomb Comics Out Soon After Smashing Kickstarter Campaign

Spectrum Anthology

Time Bomb Comics new Spectrum Anthology was a massive success with its pre-order Kickstarter campaign, smashing its target by almost 2000%! An incredible feat for any comic.

Featuring three popular titles from the mind of Gerry Anderson, the enthusiasm of the 400 backers that helped fund this campaign is a testament to the enduring appeal and continued relevance of these classic properties.

Gerry Anderson's work was a huge part of the British television landscape from the 1960s to the 2000s. His shows remain popular with sci-fi fans across the globe. The three titles included in Spectrum (New Captain Scarlet, Space Precinct and Terrahawks) span the genre from alien threats to space-based police procedurals.

New Captain Scarlet was a reboot of the original 1960s show broadcast in the 2000s. Using CGI as an evolution of the original Supermarionation puppetry, the show followed the titular Captain Scarlet in his battle against the invading Mysteron aliens.

New Captain Scarlet

Terrahawks used an altered version of the Supermacromation style, refined with 1980s technology and incorporating latex hand-puppets. The series sees a ragtag group of humans defend Earth after the destruction of NASA.


Finally, the 1990s Space Precinct was a live-action series that incorporated puppetry in creating realistic and sophisticated alien characters. A police procedural set in space, it was renowned for its groundbreaking special effects.

Space Precinct

"Spectrum marks the first licensed title released through Time Bomb Comics and I'm delighted it features characters and concepts that are truly warmly recognised around the world. Like many of my generation I grew up enjoying the television shows created by Gerry Anderson and I'm thrilled that we've partnered with Anderson Entertainment to create new stories featuring some of his most iconic shows. Captain Scarlet, Space Precinct, Terrahawks and Time Bomb Comics - what a combination!"

The creative teams behind the new anthology are Steve Tanner (writer), Pete Woods (artist) and James Grey (letters) on New Captain Scarlet; Richmond A Clements (writer) and James Gray (art and lettering) on Space Precinct; and Dan Whitehead (writer), Ste Pickford (artist) and James Grey (lettering) on Terrahawks. The cover will be drawn by Steve Pugh, known for his work at Marvel, DC, Dark Horse and 2000AD.

As a publisher focused on exciting, modern comics with an old-school feel this partnership is perfect for Time Bomb Comics. Indeed, every aspect of the publication has been personally approved by Jamie Anderson, Managing Director and CCO of Anderson Entertainment, and son of Gerry Anderson. This collaboration is also perfectly timed as it coincided with Time Bomb Comics’ 15th Anniversary Year as well as the Kickstarter across the annual Gerry Anderson Day.

"Seeing these three Anderson titles getting a new lease of life is a real thrill for me. The Time Bomb team has done a fantastic job of building out the worlds, keeping an authentic feeling to the stories, and making stunning-looking strips. I can't wait for Anderson fans across the globe to enjoy these new stories."

The 44-page anthology is the first publication to come out of a new partnership with Anderson Entertainment in a deal brokered by Larkshead Licensing.

Spectrum will be available soon via the Time Bomb website: https://timebombcomics.com

A review will be available here at Comic Book News UK soon.

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