The Best of San Diego Comic Con 2016

Each year San Diego Comic Con seems to get bigger and bigger, and that just means more goodness for fans. After a load of brilliant news and trailers, going through the masses of information that we've all been given, it's time to look at the top ten things to come out of SDCC 2016. It's no surprise that the big 2 companies stole the event with trailers and film/TV news.

Brie Larson is Captain Marvel

Brie Larson Captain Marvel

After months and months of speculation we finally know who will be playing Captain Marvel. And to make things even better, we know when Brie Larson will debut in the MCU as Carol Danvers: Avengers Infinity War. Awesome. Whilst Larson wouldn't have been our first choice, who are we to question Marvel and Disney on their casting given their history so far in the MCU, where everyone has been brilliant. So we're sure Larson will be another superb addition.

Doctor Strange Trailer 2

The film just looks nuts. But what do you expect from Doctor Strange?

Kurt Russell is Star Lords father, but that's not who people thought it was in the MCU

Kurt Russell Ego The Living Planet

We finally learned the identity of Kurt Russell's character in the Marvel sequel Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2. When Russell was first cast, reports were rampant that he'd be playing Peter Quill's father, but we still didn't know exactly who that might be and there was nothing official on if he was Quill's dad. Numerous characters were listed as possibilities, but writer/director James Gunn took to the Comic-Con stage last week to reveal that yes, Kurt Russell is playing Chris Pratt’s father, but also, he’s playing Ego the Living Planet.

Now Ego is actually a Living Planet, so that means at some point it turned into human form to go to Earth and get on mama Quill's good side. Is he back to being a Living Planet? Don't know, but given that Gunn called him Ego the Living Planet it seems safe to assume that he's back to being a planet. That's a father/son reunion that's going to be awkward.

Inhumans and X-Men are finally going to war in the comics

One piece of news that was't a surprise, but is still a big announcement - The Inhumans and X-Men are finally going to war. Tensions between the Inhumans and Mutants of the Marvelverse have been high for a while. Scott Summers supposedly died doing something to majorly tick the Inhumans off (we still doubt he's dead, so don't be shocked when he comes back). Terrigen mists are sterilising and poisoning mutants all over the world and now those tensions are boiling over.

Inhumans vs. X-Men will be a six-part miniseries by Jeff Lemire and Charles Soule, with art by Leinil Yu. The story is set to be the end of the situation with the Terrigen mists as the story reaches its climax. Who wins? Don't know, but it's great to be finally getting a pay off to a long standing story line.

Ghost Rider is coming to Agents of SHIELD, as are known Inhumans

Whilst the previous one wasn't a surprise, this one really was. And it seems quite random. Ghost Rider is coming to Agents of SHIELD, which additionally makes him now a part of the MCU. Good news is that it will not be the Nic Cage version. God they were awful films. In a move to seemingly distance the character from the film version, the Ghost Rider in the MCU will be Robbie Reyes, not Johnny Blaze. Reyes will be played by Gabriel Luna.

Three New DC Animated films

While the Justice League Dark film that's been rumoured for years has gone no where, it turns out that we will get a Justice League Dark film after all. Just not the kind that fans were hoping for, as it will be in animated form, not live-action. Given DC Comics history with animated films, this isn't news to complain about.

It's not just a Justice League Dark film that was announced though. Three films were announced by Warner Bros. Animation, as we're also getting "Teen Titans: The Judas Contract" and "The Joker and Harley Quinn: A Bruce Timm Original". Personally more excited about The Judas Contract, as that was a great story. All three though are sure to be fantastic.

Netflix Trailers

Three trailers and confirmation that Daredevil Season 3 is happening (not a surprise). We got a proper Luke Cage trailer, Iron Fist and a teaser for The Defenders. Netflix know how to keep my subscription going.

Planet Hulk

Planet Hulk Armour

Okay, so Planet Hulk isn't happening as a film, but it certainly looks like Planet Hulk is part of the MCU as the above armour was pictured at SDCC as part of the Thor: Ragnarok set. Seems to answer where the Hulk has been recently, but leaves a big question mark over how he got there. Although with Doctor Strange taking place before Thor 3, there's a bit of room to get that bit of the story set - it would be the best after credits scene to date if at the end of Doctor Strange we see him sending the Hulk away.


Wonder Woman Trailer

There's not much more to say, other than wow. If trailers are anything to go by, and granted at times they're not, then this is going to be a great film. How could anyone have doubted Wonder Woman working as a film with how this trailer looks? Simply can not wait.

Justice League Trailer

Had to keep this separate from the Wonder Woman trailer simply because we weren't expecting this at SDCC. An oh does it look good - not that there's much to tell how the film will be, but the bits they do show are certainly enough to get excited about. We see a Mother Box being buried, Barry Allen talking to Bruce Wayne and realising that he's Batman, Aquaman looking scary and definitely not someone to mess with, and a clear showing that Bruce and Diana Prince are now buddies. A lot has been made of Aquaman's eyes in the trailer, something that was not shown previous to this - personally they look great, and why would he have normal eyes when he's meant to be able to see clearly in the depths of the sea? Makes him slightly different to us land dwellers.

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