The Flash: What We Expect For Season 3

I'm giving everyone fair warning - if you've not seen the season 2 finale yet of The Flash, then stop reading. Stop right now. We don't want to ruin it for you. If you've seen the finale already, well you can just carry on reading.

Okay, so we finally found out who the man in the mask is. Was a surprise in some ways - some people appear to have gotten it half right either by guessing the name or the doppelganger. I personally hoped that it would be Eobard Thawne. Not disappointed though in the slightest. But the reveal brings us to the first point of what we expect for season three.

We need to see Jay back. The suit looked awesome, and it would be a real shame to see it only used for those brief few minutes considering it looks like a fair amount of work went into it. Plus it's Jay Garrick, you can't just leave it at "here he is for 2 minutes, never to be seen again". And with the ending of the episode, does that affect Earth Two or the other Earths? Who knows how the TV multiverse works.

Jack Garrick Suit

Talking of the ending, it appears that the CW are going for the Flashpoint event. So Barry will be losing his powers, again? The big part if they go for this is that they can't use Batman - not even with Thomas Wayne instead of Bruce. If they go this route, it's pretty safe to assume that they'll replace the Waynes with the Queens. All of this ties in with whether the multiverse is affected by Barry's actions and whether we'll see Jay Garrick return. In the comics, the Infinite Crisis event established that if anything happened to the main universe, the rest of the multiverse could be affected as well. So will Jay remember Barry as he was? Same with Harrison Wells.

And then there's Harrison Wells of Earth One. With Barry stopping Eobard Thawne killing his mother, you would assume that he then doesn't go on to take Wells identity. Barry couldn't just let Thawne leave since he's intent on killing Barry's mother.

One thing that was incredibly exciting was what happened with the Speed Force waiths. They didn't just take Zoom, they transformed him into the Black Flash - if the ripped mask and deformed face wasn't telling enough, the way his symbol and ear pieces turned red certainly was. There's just no way that was a coincidence. It could just be something the writers put in there for fun, but what would be the point in that? It surely has a purpose and it will be a fun one to see. Imagine Barry running around and occasionally seeing the Black Flash, not realising that it's signalling his death.

Black Flash

So what are we expecting for season three?

  • The first half to be Flashpoint style, but with the Queens replacing the Waynes.
  • Occasional glimpses of Black Flash, since Barry has seriously messed with the timeline.
  • Some more time with Barry being powerless - why do they keep doing this to him?
  • Jay Garrick, Harrison Wells, et al all encouraging Barry to undo what he has done as it's messing everything else up.
  • Barry to reverse what he's done and once again come to terms with his mothers death.

And that's it so far - the Flashpoint story shouldn't last a whole series, and the so the second half would be anyone's guess. Maybe it's being tormented by Black Flash.

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