Titan Comics April Highlights

by Benjamin Williams
31st March, 2024
2 minutes

As the calendar turns to April, Titan Comics has a thrilling lineup of new releases. From the high-stakes espionage of Scarlett Couture to the mystical battles of Three Exorcism Siblings, this month promises a diverse array of narratives that are sure to enthral readers. There are comics, graphic novels, and manga that shouldn't be missed.

Scarlett Couture: Vol 2: The Munich File

Creator: Des Taylor


Thrown right into the action, Scarlett Couture’s second mission – The Munich File sees our beautiful secret agent targeted by a sinister syndicate with plans to create the world’s most powerful criminal empire.

But as the mission spirals out of control and the body count starts to ratchet up, Scarlett discovers the ruthless mastermind behind the enterprise has a mysterious connection with both her and her mother, a connection that could cost both of them their lives!

Scarlett Couture: Vol 2: The Munich File

Three Exorcism Siblings Vol 1

Writer/Artist: Shinta Harekawa


In the mountains above Japan, Mamoru Yamaemori spends his days tending to his family shrine, fighting Tengu - monsters who feast on human flesh - and making sure his two younger brothers will never have to pick up his mantle.

Unable to escape the life forced upon him by his parents and a dark ritual involving Tengu blood, all he knows is that his existence is a curse: he is destined to die young in the service of others. But to fight monsters, Mamoru must dance that line between loving older brother and mindless beast – or else he risks becoming that which he is sworn to destroy.

Three Exorcism Siblings Vol 1

Blade Runner 2039 #12

Writer: Mike Johnson
Artist: Andres Guinaldo
Colourist: Marco Lesko

The unmissable final issue of Blade Runner 2039!
From legendary Blade Runner badass to fiery figure in the Replicant underground, Ash’s thirty-plus year odyssey brings her face-to-face with Niander Wallace, the messianic father of a new generation of Replicant kind. Will Ash have a future, or will this be her retirement?

Blade Runner 2039 #12

Speed Grapher Vol.1

Creator: Tomozo


The first volume in the hit GONZO anime of the same name, in the seedy underbelly of near-future Tokyo, the famous Roppongi Club is a shadowy hall of secrets. When photojournalist Saiga manages to infiltrate this elite association, he discovers Kagura, a young girl whose touch bestows incredible and horrific powers.

Now, anyone Saiga captures on film is doomed to die: the click of the shutter is as sure as a trigger pull!

Speed Grapher Vol.1

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