What Will Happen In The Walking Dead Season 6?

What will happen in The Walking Dead Season 6?

Three down and many more to go and I’m not talking about a group of marauding walkers coming right at us but instead season 6 of the eponymous The Walking Dead as it starts its big body count episodes early this season.

Oh Alexandria Give Me Rest

The peaceful Alexandrians surely must be kicking themselves by now and asking why they let the Rick Wagon roll into town having gone from a practically zero murder, death, kill zone to experiencing a good two or three deaths within his first few days of residence, meaning someone had to go outside and change the ‘last days since walker food’ sign to 0. Maybe Captain Deanna didn’t realise that where Rick goes the writers script constant trouble, perhaps she thought they were just due a bit of bad luck after the months of seclusion, solar power and stockpiled toilet paper luxury the Alexandrians have enjoyed. It surely must be clear now though as just in the first few episodes of season 6 he’s managed to bring the biggest walker herd the series has probably yet seen right past the towns door and at the same time a frenzied posse of murdering, raping, de-civilised savages have turned up. Either one of those would have had us slapping our knees and saying “Classic Rick” but the two together, that’s impressive even by Grimes standards.

Little Pig Little Pig Let Me In

Speaking of a frenzied posse of murdering, raping, de-civilised savages, cue least favourite government political party joke, we got to see the full brutality and potential size of this seasons likely antagonists ‘The Wolves’ and everyone’s desperate to know ‘Are these the Saviours?’ If you’re not a reader of the comics then at this point then you may be confused on as to who exactly The Wolves would be ‘saving’ as they chase down Jenny from number 24 and proceed to chop off her arm and wave it at her but in the comics they are the group led by *spoiler alert* the next big bad guy, the infamous Negan, and have likely been rebranded for TV, you know, ‘cos n stuff. And what about this Negan, who is this possible upcoming menace? Well put it like this if the Governor was a man whose apocalyptic experiences pushed him over the edge then Negan is a man whose apocalyptic experiences have pushed him over the edge whilst he’s high on Acid, PCP and possibly Viagra. It’s the very thought of him and that he might show his face this season that’s got us fan boys pulses racing everywhere as we squirm at the idea of seeing the psychotic Negan go toe to toe with the Rickinator.

Run From Me If You Want To Live

As tantalising as a Negan reveal is, what’s actually got my interest piqued in this season is the other classic comic moments we will hopefully have seen come the final episode 16 curtain call, I don’t think the two groups will be engaging in All Out War (wink wink), with the TV series preferring to take it’s time with its big protagonists, but there are some key events due to occur in the towns blood soaked streets and I can’t wait. You see, for me The Walking Dead has always been a character piece about how long the social graces and ethics of Rick J Grimes can last in the never ending onslaught of post-apocalyptic shizer, with everyone else around him mostly being there for short, mid or long term fodder potential. It’s been fascinating in a morbid way to watch him sink into a darker and darker place out of the cold hard necessity of survival but it’s all been so depressing, there hasn’t been any light at the end of the tunnel for poor Rick and after watching him and his ever changing band of cohorts marching down streets and train tracks for what must be close to a good 60 or 70 hours the casual populace would like to see a bit of direction, at last, in the aims and objectives of the Grimes Patrol.

The Times They Are A Changing

Alexandria then, in the comic timeline, is where Rick could be said to finally ‘find himself’ in all the madness, not in the sense that he has a spiritual epiphany and returns to being the rather naive and idealistic southern state trooper he once was, he’s definitely too far gone, but it is where he decides to stop being a product of his environment and decide instead his environment will be a product of him. It’s where Rick decides to turn that undead frown upside down and gets busy living instead of always being busy nearly dying.
But we’ve got a long way to go as Rick's just getting started in town and we're only at episode 4, ultimately the snail like TV pacing means Rick has still got some big hurdles to overcome before he gets the character development he richly deserves. So before now and the end of the season here’s some cheeky predictions that mainly comic fans will appreciate:-

  • Carl decides glasses could be a cool new look for him or possibly a monocle.
  • Glenn develops a short lived fear of inanimate timber products.
  • Rick realises it’s a little too soon to be trying to get back on the ladder as he lets his next best chance slip away.

Giant imaginary wink.

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