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The Hoards of Surrey 1  2 Review

The Hoards of Surrey #1 & #2 Review

The Hoards of Surrey is a  treasure hunt story by Dave Wimblett. Like a modern-day Goonies. I don't know a single person that disliked that... Read More

Deadliner Review

Deadliner Review

Dave Cook, the mastermind behind Killtopia, has just finished funding his latest comic on Kickstarter - Deadliner. Working with artist Donna A... Read More

Establishing Shot Review

Establishing Shot Review

Establishing Shot is a new two-sided 40-page anthology from Will O'Mullane. A collection of 6 short stories (colour shorts on one side, black and... Read More

Beats of War 1 Review

Beats of War #1 Review

  Beats of War #1, by Etienne Kubwabo is a multi-layered story set in Glasgow featuring Scotland's first black superhero. Leaving behind a... Read More

Sentinel 11 Dark Matter Review

Sentinel #11 "Dark Matter", Review

Alan Holloway is back with the latest Sentinel comic - issue 11 "Dark Matter". A five-strong team of mercenaries, each with a unique psychic... Read More

Anomaly Squad 1 Review

Anomaly Squad #1 Review

Anomaly Squad is the latest comic from the mind of Luke Halsall, who we were lucky enough to speak to earlier this year where he mentioned that this... Read More

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