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Kickstarter Highlight BENEATH US 1

Kickstarter Highlight: BENEATH US #1

Afterlight Comics have just released their latest Kickstarter campaign for Beneath Us #1. A group of juveniles sent to help rebuild a remote... Read More

Sentinel 11 Dark Matter Review

Sentinel #11 "Dark Matter", Review

Alan Holloway is back with the latest Sentinel comic - issue 11 "Dark Matter". A five-strong team of mercenaries, each with a unique psychic... Read More

Indie Spotlight Esmee 1

Indie Spotlight: Esmee #1

When Oh No! Comics announced Esmee on Kickstarter, it was sold as rescuing the comics industry from 70 volume mega epics with a punky self-contained... Read More

Kickstarter Highlight Atomic Comic

Kickstarter Highlight: Atomic Comic

ComicScene are reviving a classic comic - Atomic. Celebrating 35 years since first being published in 1987 and 30 years since it ended in 1992,... Read More

Anomaly Squad 1 Review

Anomaly Squad #1 Review

Anomaly Squad is the latest comic from the mind of Luke Halsall, who we were lucky enough to speak to earlier this year where he mentioned that this... Read More

Indie Spotlight Sentinel 1

Indie Spotlight: Sentinel #1

The first Sentinel comic by Alan Holloway and Ed Doyle is a special comic. It kicked off something different than the norm that made it special - an... Read More

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