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QA with Sentinel Comics

Q&A with Sentinel Comics

It's been just over two years since comic writer Alan Holloway and artist Ed Doyle were chatting about the much-missed Starblazer comics. They've... Read More

Kickstarter Highlight Moth Hill 1

Kickstarter Highlight: Moth Hill #1

AfterLight Comics latest Kickstarter went live today - Moth Hill #1. A four-issue that explores the infamous legend of The Mothman. The story... Read More

Theatrics Vol 1 and 2 Reviewed

Theatrics Vol 1 and 2, Reviewed

How about a 1920s set belter of a story following one man's fall from the limelight and battle to redefine himself as a different beast with art... Read More

Killtopia 13 Reviewed

Killtopia #1-3, Reviewed

How about a love for old school Manga inspired, dystopian Japan set, high tech battle royale involved, sentient A.I starring savage story with art... Read More

Sentinel 10 Newtopia Reviewed

Sentinel #10: Newtopia, Reviewed

How about a sci-fi noir in a future influenced by aliens and their experimentation where the language comes peppered with classic 40’s noir?... Read More

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