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As children, we all wanted to be inspired by someone whether a family member, a close friend or even a superhero! Here at Comic Book News UK, you, as someone who has grown into an adult or a child that still needs inspiration, have come to the right place. We strive to offer you exciting comic book news from the UK, but we also love to share comic related news from around the world on our Social Media accounts. We focus on offering content by comic fans, FOR comic fans! We love comics just as much as anyone, and what better way to express our true passion and love than to write about them?

When Comic Book News UK was started we focused on comics from all over the world - there are years worth of articles on the site still from those days. Around 2017 Ben came to the realisation that there's so much talent here in the UK and to spend his time focusing on American comics was doing a disservice to creators closer to home. The site changed from just Comic Book News to Comic Book News UK. We hope that no matter where you're from, we share a bit of new culture with you and help to entertain you and your children to grow and love the UK comics scene as much as we do.

If you're thinking of or already planning on setting up a Kickstarter or some other form of crowdfunding for a comic, we'd love to hear from you.

We're more than happy to review, interview or just write a feature piece for you if you're interested. You just have to let us know about your project - get in touch with us via our contact page or feel free to send us a DM via Twitter.

Why we love UK Comics

There's so much to love about the UK comic scene. The amount of passion you get from the creators and the creativity to deliver something different from mainstream comics. That they're spending their spare time working on something to entertain comic readers. So much energy goes into making comics for us to enjoy, whilst juggling other work and spending time with friends and family. It's that dedication and passion that we love.

Some of the best comics are indie comics. Some of those are lucky enough to be distributed through a well-known publishing house which allows more people to read. Think how many American indie comics we're able to pick up over here because of that. UK comics don't seem to have that, although we delight in seeing companies like Avery Hill Publishing picking up graphic novels - one of the reasons why they're one of our favourite publishers.

The range of talent and creativity on display year after year just seems to be getting better and better. There's so much to love and we hope we can share enough of that with our readers, so they can experience something new and different to what they'd usually find.

The Comic Book News Team

Benjamin Williams

Benjamin Williams


My two all-time favourite comic characters are Superman and the Silver Surfer. Superman is everything a superhero should be. No idea why the Silver Surfer though, but he's just cool and usually has cosmic stories that I'm on board with. Identity Crisis from DC was the story that turned my liking of comics into loving comics.

In the UK, not much beats Judge Dredd for a character. I've read so much Dredd. Rogue Trooper is also one of my favourites. And I didn't know it until recently, but The Trigan Empire will definitely go down as one of my favourite series.

Star Wars is my big love though.

Joe Thompson

Joe Thompson