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Q&A with Sentinel Comics

It's been just over two years since comic writer Alan Holloway and artist Ed Doyle were chatting about the much-missed Starblazer comics. They've... Read More

Three Months with Mangamo

Mangamo came out in Europe at the end of November and since then it's become part of our comic routine. Full disclosure, before this app my manga... Read More

An Interview with Joseph Duis

Today, I’m talking to Joseph Duis- the writer, founder, owner and more of Heresy Studios about his gothic comic ORDER OF DRACULA which is a... Read More

Interview With Katie Whittle

Katie Whittle runs horror publisher Frisson Comics with Tom Smith. I’ve recently had the chance to read their unique take on how a vampire... Read More

Interview With Jed McPherson

    Hi Jed, thanks for taking the time to be my first interviewee. Thanks for having me. You’ve been writing comics for a... Read More

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