ARKS #5 now live on Kickstarter

by Benjamin Williams
6th June, 2024
2 minutes

Check out ARKS Issue Five from Clicky Sprout Wife, now available on Kickstarter. This comic is written by Rory Collins, a tenured film storyboard and concept artist who has worked on movies like Children of Men, Bourne Ultimatum, and Never Let Me Go. The art and colours are by award-winning artist Andrew Morris.

Arks is a groundbreaking biopunk comic that has been 10 years in the making. In this comic, descendants don't migrate from Earth in spacecrafts, but in bacteria! It's gross in the coolest way possible.

ARKS #5 cover

In ARKS #5

Lilith has found human remains...

Fearing she is a dead Ark booted by their bacteria, Hopi, Lilith's AI companion, reminds her that this is yet more proof that their exoplanet has failed the analog and is doomed to living failure. A state in which no life, not even bacteria, can survive.

Desperate to save the species, Lilith purges Hopi's memory and goes in search of her husband Joseph, who, blinded by acid rain, has disappeared. To her horror, she discovers that Joseph has already synthesised EC-13, a tiny pellet which, is dissolved into the ocean, will create a protein scourge that will sterilise all life on the planet.

To save humanity, Lilith has to learn the secrets of the dead woman under the house or kill Joseph.

Arks issue 5 preview one

ARKS so far

The story aims to kick off a scientific revolution using a comic book. It's the fifth book in a series based on a lesser-known scientific theory called Directed Panspermia, which is a strong candidate for interstellar travel. This theory is hardly represented in pop culture due to the frightening nature of the process it involves.

The current point in the story features our ARKS, Lilith and Joseph, humans transported to a distant exoplanet by bacteria, realising that they must choose between saving their lives or their souls. Lilith is racing against time to uncover the cause of oxygen poisoning before it wipes out the species, while Joseph is mercifully trying to euthanize the transplanted life before the planet turns into an oven.

Arks issue 5 preview two

The non-spoiler twist for Issue 5 involves a clue sent from a teenage boy from the past, which will impact the fate of Lilith and Joseph. This issue is an absolute rollercoaster, and it culminates in the cliffhanger we've been building up to. Will our comic series kickstart a scientific revolution? You'll have to read the books to find out.

Kickstarter for Issue 5 and previous issues is now live until 18th June.

Who will love it

If you love Dark Horse's Alien comics, Seven and Jurassic Park you'll love this book, it's a hard sci-fi, police procedural set in the Garden of Eden.

"I didn’t believe glistening mucus could be so beautiful"

Arks issue 5 preview three


Collect the series in Volume One, along with the spin-off story Arks Proximan, available as digital or print. Exclusive crowdfunding rewards, including a chance to have your name featured in the comic. Get the limited collection of A5 prints/16:9 screensavers that, when assembled, will make an A0 poster-size piece of art foreshadowing the events of the Ark's universe.

Rory Collins and Clicky Sprout Wife will also be in attendance at World Con at the SEC Centre Glasgow in August 8-12 and The Lakes International Comic Art Festival 27-29 Sept

Arks Issue Five campaign ends June 18th

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