CCTVYLLE Sister Project Chimera Announced for January Kickstarter

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Gianluca Bonomo, the mind behind the beautifully presented dystopian world of CCTVYLLE, is back with a new project - Chimera. A sister project to his brilliant series that published the penultimate issue earlier this year.

With Chimera, we're looking at 60 pages of a bestiary. A hardcover book including epic illustrations of never seen before hybrid animals created by AI entity Satyr (code name MPHmt696).

Satyr claims that his creations, super-advanced biological and technological beasts, were brought to the world for the safety and protection of humanity.

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Some of these creatures augmented bodies possess incredible features used for surveillance, military/policing and medical purposes. Other creatures are used as a workforce in various fields.

The book is being penned by writer and comic book producer Matt Hardy (Mad Robot Comics). Concept and images created by artist & film-maker Gianluca Bonomo with contributions from artists Alessio Schibuola and Vittorio Garofoli.

The project will be heading to Kickstarter in January, with a start date of the 27th. You can follow the project and sign up to be notified of its launch over at the pre-launch page: CHIMERA by Gianluca Bonomo - Kickstarter.

It's exciting to see what Gianluca is working on next and it's definitely one we can't wait for! You can also check out the Chimera Project website. And if you've not read CCTVYLLE, you definitely need to check out our review of the series so far which should be enough to convince you to treat yourself to the comics - they're worth the money!

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