Commando Comics This Week: 5539-5542

Brand-new Commando issues 5539-5542 are in shops from Thursday 12th May 2022.

The issues feature three very different kinds of airmen - from spies to rookies to the plain stupid - alongside a Royal Navy destroyer trying to box clever with a Japanese Battleship! Issue 5540 is a reprint 'By Special Request' and therefore chosen by Commando readers, so keep an eye out for that one, especially if you're one of the people that requested it.

You can get them physically in all good newsagents or online over at Commando: War Comic For Action and Adventure (commandocomics.com) where there are always great deals available. Get your first 26 issues for only £13 if you sign up with a direct debit, saving you a massive £143! Or you can sign up digitally, where you can still use the promotion code DCTEXTRA for a 30% discount!

Commando 5539: Home of Heroes: Jungle Wings 
Story | Brent Towns | Art| Vicente Alcazar | Cover | Mark Harris

Flying Officer Joe Blake and his mates felt like the cocks of the walk back in Malaya in 1941. But, when push came to shove, their first-ever dogfight against the Japanese saw their feathers being well and truly plucked! The Aussie’s Brewster Buffalos stood no chance against the Mitsubishi A6M Zeros and the rookie Australian pilots paid a heavy price indeed. 

Joe, now the only survivor of his squadron, was tasked with training a new one. But could he put the past behind him — or would the faces of the dead overwhelm him?

Resident Aussie writer Brent Towns weaves a story of angst, grief, and turmoil in ‘Jungle Wings’ with outstanding art from the veteran Vicente Alcazar and new fan-favourite Mark Harris!

Commando 5539: Home of Heroes: Jungle Wings

Commando 5540: Gold Collection: Pacific Pirates 
Story | Alan Hebden | Art | Maidagan | Cover | Ian Kennedy | Originally Commando No. 1049 (1979)

HMS Samson was Lieutenant Commander Roland Bream’s destroyer —small, fast and deadly, the pride of her crew and a credit to the Royal Navy. But when this destroyer crossed the path of a giant Japanese Yamato‑class battleship she had to turn tail! For this was one of the world’s largest battleships —one shell from its 18‑inch guns could blow the Samson out of the water. Yet as the destroyer fled before her colossal opponent, Bream was racking his brains for an opportunity to hit back —even though it seemed pure suicide!

Issue 5540 is a reprint 'By Special Request' and therefore chosen by one of our readers! And what an issue it is! 

Commando 5540: Gold Collection: Pacific Pirates

Commando 5541: Action and Adventure: Two Men in a Boat 
Story | Calum Laird | Art | Jaume Forns | Cover | Carlos Pino

May 1940 is a time that has gone down in history, and there are many stories of daring escapes from Dunkirk, and bravery while fleeing from the German forces overrunning France. But this is not one of those stories, for there are none quite like this tale of two RAF men in one boat! 

Calum Laird is back, back, back again and he’s here to delight and amuse us with his two diabolically dim airmen – but not only this – there’s Jaume Forns delivering hilarious art and a Carlos Pino cover masterpiece to boot!

Commando 5541: Action and Adventure: Two Men in a Boat

Commando 5542: Silver Collection: The Hunt is on! 
Story | CG Walker | Art | CT Rigby | Cover | Philpott | Originally Commando No. 1769 (1984)

Imagine you’re a British pilot, shot down over enemy-occupied France. There’s only one thought in your mind —escape! But it's not going to be easy, with German patrols out hunting for you, so you’re very glad when you find a group of loyal, dedicated Frenchmen who are doing their best to see that someone like you gets home safely. But if you’re a Gestapo agent, what better way to smash such a lifeline than to pose as a stranded British airman... 

A powerhouse trio on board for this Commando with CG Walker and CT Rigby working together yet again (they would do over 40 issues together) and Philpot on cover duty!

Commando 5542: Silver Collection: The Hunt is on

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