Commando Comics This Week: 5755-5758

by Benjamin Williams
4th June, 2024
2 minutes

On Thursday, June 6, 2024, Commando D-Day special Issues 5755-5758 will be available for purchase.

This 80th Anniversary collection honours the bravery of those who fought on the beaches, in the skies, and beyond during the pivotal Normandy landings.

From the daring RAF pilots to the unique companions soldiers brought to battle, these stories capture the spirit of heroism and the ingenious strategies that shaped one of the most significant days of World War II.

Commando 5755: Home of Heroes: D-Day Pilot

1944, D-Day. While the men valiantly stormed the Normandy beaches, above them, RAF Tempests took the fight to the skies. Among them was pilot Ryan Casey whose cocky attitude could put a lot of men in danger!

Ferg Handley's story of heroism in the skies over the D-Day beaches is a classic in the making. With magnificent artwork accompanying the story from Esteve Polls and Keith Burns' stunning Normandy cover!

Story: Ferg Handley
Art: Esteve Polls
Cover: Keith Burns

Commando 5755: Home of Heroes: D-Day Pilot

Commando 5756: Gold Collection: Operation Bulldog

As the Allies poured men and equipment onto the Normandy beaches in an attempt to smash their way into Hitler's Europe, many weird and secret weapons were used in action for the very first time.

Yet none of these secret weapons were anything like that of Private "Knuckles" MacNeil... the hero who stormed ashore with the strangest fighting companion ever — a bulldog.

A well-loved and remembered classic Commando is Issue 5756' Operation Bulldog', featuring not one but two of man's best friends! Yes, it's the British bulldog versus the German Dachshund, and the arena is the beaches during D-Day!

Story: Allan
Art: V Fuente
Cover: Penalva
First Published 1969 as Issue 413

Commando 5756: Gold Collection: Operation Bulldog

Commando 5757: Action and Adventure: Operation Dummy!

The German soldiers looked up with terror in their hearts as hundreds upon hundreds of parachutes filled the sky. Finally, the Allied invasion of Occupied France had begun… or had it?

Yes, there were hundreds of parachutes but only a few of them contained real, flesh‑and‑blood British soldiers, the others were paradummies designed to fool the Germans on the ground. For the real invasion hadn't started yet — and this misdirection was vital to keep the Nazis off the beaches!

Dominic Teague's story is inspired by the true events of Operation Titanic, one of many diversion attempts by the Allies to confuse the Germans. Yes, their mission: Fool the Nazi's before D-Day! With artwork from two relative newcomers to Commando named Alejandro! Alejandro García Mangana on interiors and Alejandro Perez Mesa on cover duty!

Story: Dominic Teague
Art: Alejandro García Mangana
Cover: Alejandro Perez Mesa

Commando 5757: Action and Adventure: Operation Dummy!

Commando 5758: Silver Collection: D-Day Drop

Private Steve Shields was really looking for a fight. Cheated out of his opportunity to hammer German boxer Horst Hartmann into the canvas by the outbreak of war, Steve had been trailing the Nazi ever since.

Now, deep behind enemy lines, he was squaring up to his old enemy — not with a gun, but with bare, clenched fists.

The second of Commando's D-Day reprints incoming and it's one written by Gentry about British Paratroopers! Victor de la Fuente is on interior artwork and there's a bold cover by Fernando to top it off!

Story: Gentry
Art: V Fuente
Cover: Fernando
First Published 1970 as Issue 511

Commando 5758: Silver Collection: D-Day Drop

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