Ghost Island #6 The Final Chapter, Reviewed

Ghost Island 6 The Final Chapter

Last year's monochrome supernatural thriller, about an eccentric wealthy man's idea of a theme park, had us at a fever pitch for the finale right? Well, Joseph Oliveira and Anabella Turlione provide a finely crafted horror treasure with Ghost Island #6 The Final Chapter.

Afterlight Comics are incredibly talented independent British horror comic publishers. Founder and writer Joseph Oliveira brought Afterlight Comics to life off the back of the Ghost Island series. So to see its final chapter and the series fully presented with that added context, I think it’s even more interesting to see how special this series is. Written by Joseph Oliveira and drawn by the fantastic Anabella Turlione Ghost Island #6 The Final Chapter brings the horror series to a more than satisfying conclusion and maybe leaves a nice bit of wiggle room for any future plans. (That might just be wishful thinking).

So, let’s start with the art (surprising I know). Anabela Turlione is a ridiculously talented artist who I think we should all be thankful to, for leaving behind a completed P.H.D in physics to pursue her love of drawing. Amongst the many accomplishments this decision gave the world, it also gives us the devilishly unsettling art of the Ghost Island series. Which with this issue remains unwaveringly consistent in it’s perfectly creepy and all-around unsettling ways. Emotion lives strong in the character studies adding serious weight to the horror of this story. Anabela really encapsulates the darkness of this final chapter cementing the emotional drive of the story.

Ghost Island issue 6 preview 1

I felt like this issue used “light” which felt deliberately stronger than in previous issues, like a weapon in its visual battle with the darkness presented, giving a perfect marker to the horror story pace of the main plot. Certainly the emotion portrayed by Anabela in the character faces would be my personal highlight for their power alone. Across the whole series though Anabela for me has grown and refined these characters with great results. The pinnacle of which lies in this issue.

Okay, with a satisfying conclusion being a big factor of bringing a series to an end Joseph Oliveira has built up quite a bit of expectation. A task made more imposing by Anabela's exceptional art. Of course, Joseph delivers here expertly. Ghost Islands final chapter is full of exciting revelations, dramatic twists and a superb conclusion which leaves a tantalising door slightly ajar for possible further exploration. This is a story of redemption, with questions of faith and destiny. There was also, I felt, some commentary on the power of grief and its effects. Maybe even a little bit on the power of indoctrination used in organised religion. Of course, this story has a very interesting horror vehicle “ghost theme park” story burning through its core. However, it’s “Joshua's life” that the story pivots on. His truths and revelations surprised sublimely. His emotions and turmoil feel tangible. Building the suspense idealistically to a staggering conclusion - all of which makes Ghost Island a thoroughly enjoyable horror experience with plenty to have you returning to the series again and again. With this being the final chapter I don’t think any plot detail should be revealed beyond what I've touched upon. For the premise, should you have missed it, I would recommend my previous review of the series (Ghost Island #1-5 review). Joseph Olivera dances brilliantly along the line of pace, revelation and suspense. Bringing a superbly developed character in main protagonist Joshua to a superbly accomplished realisation. It’s finely crafted, ideally paced and comprehensively satisfying.

Ghost Island issue 6 preview 2

Ghost Island #6 has only recently ended its fully-funded Kickstarter campaign, so as of writing is currently unavailable. However, I’m sure as with all previous titles it is a matter of time before we see it available through www.afterlightcomics.com so keep a keen eye on that. Also while you're there check out some of the other fantastic horror stories they offer. Including another of our favourites Stay Awake which if you're unfamiliar with or if you're on the fence about it you can find reviews right here (Stay Awake #1-2 review & Stay Awake #3 review).

So if you're a fan of horror, the supernatural or a twisted version of Jurassic Park (depending on your perspective) then Ghost Island is a series you should own.

Review 5/5

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