Making a Difference: Colossive Press Funraising for St Christopher's Hospice

by Benjamin Williams
20th September, 2023
1 minute

Colossive Press are making a difference, having raised nearly £5,000 for St Christopher's Hospice through the sale of their books and Zines. This kind of effort and generosity towards a worthy cause is truly inspiring, and it's the kind of thing we love to see.

Colossive Press was established in Penge, SE London, by Tom Murphy and Jane Gibbens Murphy. They have a particular focus on zine publications and boast a fantastic selection of comics.

Colossal Press all comics for St Christopher's Hospice

S. Christopher's Hospice is a cause that's very close to their hearts, as they cared for both of Janes's parents.

Gordon Gibbens, Jane's father, had a passion for photography. Especially capturing street art and graffiti. During his stay at St Christopher's Hospital, he was able to go out in a wheelchair to see the street art popping up in Penge. When he passed away in 2017, Jane and Tom inherited 33,000 photos of street art and graffiti. These photos were turned into a book along with Gordon's story to raise funds for the hospice.

Jane and Gordon Gibbens
Jane and Gordon

Since then, they've produced more books, zines and comics to raise money for the hospice!

The creators of the Colossive Cartographies series, including Lucy Sullivan, Gareth Brookes, Hannah Lee Miller, Joe Decie, Henry and Stan Miller, Blaise Moritz, and Tim Bird, have also generously donated their royalties from sales towards the fundraising efforts. As a result, the fundraising has been progressing in a steady trickle, with £4,757.94 announced as being raised so far, which is a fantastic amount.

You can find all the titles that include a donation to St. Christopher's here:

Check them out to help Colossive Press's continued growth and St Christophers's Hospice with further donations. Every purchase helps.

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