Midnight Widows #1 & #2 Review

Midnight Widows 1 and 2 covers

Midnight Widows is the story of three vampire brides who manage to escape the rule of their master. What do they do with no master? They take the fight to otherworldly creatures, of course. Edith, Kateryna and Gabriela have a lifelong bond and are determined to put their shared knowledge of the supernatural to good use.

The story bounces between the past and present, giving us a balanced look at the three women kicking ass in the now and the horrors of their past. It shows how they went from one extreme to the other. There's a lot of story to fit in so to get the pacing spot-on is certainly commendable.

Whilst the past is the part I found most interesting, it also contained my least favourite part in the first issue - their escape. They didn't really do anything to escape, other than talking about wanting to. They just walked out the door one day whilst their master was killed elsewhere. It's something that left me wanting more and you don't get more on that in the second issue as, after the opening sequence where the three are wondering in the snow having left their old home, the past sections then focus on a conflict in Berlin a century ago. The conflict is with another immortal in human form, which further adds to where they are now in their lives. His slave pretending to be unconscious so that the ladies could attack his master was peak stupid humour that I loved, and when that kind of humour isn't overdone it can provide a good laugh like it did here.

Midnight Widows slave unconcious
I can't help it if this made me laugh!

The art keeps things simple and there's almost a cartoony quality to it. There's plenty of gore on display, which is necessary for the subject matter. It's expressive, it's colourful and easy to follow. There are some panels where the only colour is the ladies bright red lips or Kateryna's hair and these really stand out as an excellent use of a limited colour palette.

Midnight Widows preview

The design of the three main characters are well defined. You can clearly tell who is who between the past and the present, although I did spend a few pages wondering how Gabriela can even stand upright with her comically huge boobs. If my partner hadn't shown me a Tik Tok the other day of a woman with a remarkably similar body to Gabriela then I'd have thought that she was impossibly shaped.

Naturally, with a series like this, there are questions. Why did they decide to start fighting monsters? What actually happened to their master? They're being hunted for their current exploits which should come to a head in issue 3, but how will they find them? Just following the blood trail or by another means? Questions that I need answers to that I hope issue three will answer.

Midnight Widows preview two

Overall, it's an enjoyable series so far, as long as you don't take it too seriously. And it's vampires, the supernatural, the dead rising. Maybe it's me, but I never take that seriously and it allows for more fun to be had. Issue two has a longer look at their past than the first issue which further adds depth to the three main characters whilst the end should lead nicely into the third issue. Definitely interested in seeing what else is to come from this series.

More information on the comic's background can be read on its official page, as well as how to purchase copies for yourself: https://dorisvsutherland.com/midnight-widows/

Rating: 3.5/5

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