Quantum Launches into Newsagents in April from Time Bomb Comics

by Benjamin Williams
15th February, 2023
1 minute

Time Bomb Comics is proud to announce Quantum, a new, physical comic magazine which will be available in newsagents across the UK and select international retailers, in a bold new step to reach a new audience.

Time Bomb Comics Quantum

Following on from the success of Time Bomb's 2022 Gerry Anderson Spectrum anthology, Quantum will be available bi-monthly in WH Smith's, alongside independent newsagents. The title will also be available internationally, with distribution already secured in Germany, Sweden, Australia and the United States.

Quantum #1 will contain five stories and begin four ongoing serials, each set in a world that is alternate to our own. Full details of the stories themselves and the creators involved will be revealed soon. Time Bomb also plans to feature original articles about British indie comics.

Time Bomb Comics chief, Steve Tanner, spoke about his hopes for the new comic and for the decision to make Quantum a title mainly available through the distribution channels that were once traditionally used to reach comics readers but which most comic publishers now avoid.

"I think the response to Spectrum being on sale in WHSmith's made us realise that there's a whole readership out there that don't buy comics online, at conventions or even comic shops. Quantum is what we've produced for those readers, but we're hoping that a lot of our existing readers will come along for the ride – via their newsagent, of course!"

Quantum importantly also marks a new stage in Time Bomb's story, with Steve stating that Quantum is "a first step; some of the things we have planned long-term as part of the Quantum project are things that genuinely haven't been done before. Not just by an indie UK comics publisher. Not by any comics publisher. Ever."

Quantum will be available in retail newsagents and select comic shops in late April and will have new issues available every two months.

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