Zip: A Grungy Superhuman Comic

by Benjamin Williams
21st March, 2023
1 minute

Zip is coming to Kickstarter soon, from Mike Scrase, with art by Santiago Espina, lettering by Ferran Delgado and cover art by Vanessa Cardinali. Zip is a black-and-white, 22-page comic inspired by an article on superpowers ruined by science. It reimagines superheroes as an analogy for disability and explores the passive, quiet side of prejudice fuelled by ignorance and apathy, rather than the more traditionally understood motivation of hatred.

Zip cover art by Vanessa Cardinali

Zip is written by Mike Scrase, a visually impaired writer with dark sensibilities and a sense of humour. His work often includes themes of disability, mental health, holding authority to account, and challenging societal norms. So you know Zip is going to be an enlightening, thrilling ride.

About Zip

Civilisation was never built for superhumans. Yet all the while, they have lived within it.   Unnoticed and marginalised, they took to acts of heroism to give themselves a sense of purpose in a society that seemed to have no place for them.

Zip and the Suit Monster

ZIP is among these heroes. Her superior speed makes the rest of the world appear as if it moves in slow motion. It makes fighting crime easy, but living a normal life is a desperate dream.

In her care lives her ancient ancestor: a genius who achieved immortal life long ago – but at the price of having his mind broken.

Zip shoulders the burden of knowing that the only way to end his suffering is to find a way to kill him: but can it be done? And what if his secret for eternal life should fall into the wrong hands?

Zip Run Cars

Sign up to be notified of the campaign when it goes live here: Zip #1: A Grungy Superhuman comic by Mike Scrase — Kickstarter.

Backers to Zip’s Kickstarter campaign will be able to receive a physical and/or digital copy of the comic, with two alternate covers to choose from.

Zip Eternity Shocked

Update: Check out our Zip #1 review, as it's a superb comic, adding a lot of emotion and realism to a superhero story along with a ton of emotional weight.

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