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Theatrics Vol 1 and 2 Reviewed

Theatrics Vol 1 and 2, Reviewed

How about a 1920s set belter of a story following one man's fall from the limelight and battle to redefine himself as a different beast with art... Read More

Killtopia 13 Reviewed

Killtopia #1-3, Reviewed

How about a love for old school Manga inspired, dystopian Japan set, high tech battle royale involved, sentient A.I starring savage story with art... Read More

Sentinel 10 Newtopia Reviewed

Sentinel #10: Newtopia, Reviewed

How about a sci-fi noir in a future influenced by aliens and their experimentation where the language comes peppered with classic 40’s noir?... Read More

Lad Issues 13 Reviewed

Lad Issues 1-3, Reviewed

How about a crime family drama meets folklore fantasy with dabs of occult horror, pagan and Viking mythology and even Putti in shadow heavy pencil... Read More

Bete Noir 2  3 Reviewed

Bete Noir #2 & #3, Reviewed

How about a return to the dark tone story with a plot that’s meatier than a bigfoot and whale steak surf and turf platter, in beautiful... Read More

Queen 13 Reviewed

Queen #1-3, Reviewed

How about a government toppling hacktivist driven story exploring the corruption and lies held by those in power and the fear that brings being... Read More

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