Commando This Week: 5495-5498

Four new Commandos are heading this way! From the Napoleonic battlefields to drama in the Eastern skies, an underwater adventure and an explosive anniversary issue for Pearl Harbor, this great air, land and sea collection has something for everyone. Issues 5495-5498 are out this Thursday!

You can get them physically in all good newsagents or online over at Commando: War Comic For Action and Adventure (commandocomics.com) where there are always great deals available. Get your first 26 issues for only £13 if you sign up with a direct debit! Or you can sign up digitally, where you can still use the promotion code DCTEXTRA for a 30% discount!

Commando 5495: Home of Heroes: Rifleman’s Revenge 
Story | Andrew Knighton | Art | Manuel Benet | Cover | Manuel Benet

Wellington’s army is driving back the French through Spain as the conflict escalates once again around Sorauren. As Marshal Soult counters the stalwart British, an old enemy of Tom Hopper’s reappears — the vile Captain Baptiste! As the foes clash on the battlefield and beyond, the war becomes private as Hopper fights to save not only his comrades, but the man he once was.

Tom Hopper, Samuel Jones and Maria of Vitoria return in the third action-packed instalment of this popular Napoleonic series by Andrew Knighton, with delightfully detailed interiors and cover by veteran Commando artist, Manuel Benet.

Commando 5495: Home of Heroes: Rifleman's Revenge

Commando 5496: Gold Collection: Zero! Zero! 
Story | Spence | Art | Medrano | Cover | Ken Barr | Originally Commando No. 170 (1965).

Johnny Saunders and his team are plagued by the shadow in the sun. A fiendish pilot who preys on helpless heroes, torn up tails and wounded wings — a Zero with zero honour! No matter what they’ve tried so far, it seems the enemy airfield can’t be found. But maybe with a stolen Japanese plane and a burning ambition for vengeance, Johnny can find the unscrupulous ace before he gets a clean getaway…

A classic action-thriller in the air from Spence with dramatic interiors from Medrano and an unusual cover from Ken Barr.

Commando 5496: Gold Collection: Zero! Zero!

Commando 5497: Action and Adventure: Pearl Harbor 
Story | Ferg Handley | Art | Morhain & Defeo | Cover | Keith Burns

The events of Pearl Harbor would shake the world to its core, as America and Japan entered the global fray of World War II. But as the bombs fall from the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service, and the Hawaiian base is laid to waste, an unlikely hero finds himself in the burning heart of the action — an RAF pilot!

A pilot who’s travelled far from home with a passion for justice features in this anniversary tale from Ferg Handley, with explosive interiors from Morhain and Defeo and a cover worth celebrating from Keith Burns.

Commando 5497: Action and Adventure: Pearl Harbor

Commando 5498: Silver Collection: Mighty Midget 
Story | Crowther | Art | Nebot | Cover | Jeff Bevan | Originally Commando No. 1754 (1983).

A tiny submarine with an equally tiny crew must pull off a mission that is off the scale in importance and difficulty. But the only thing not minuscule in this sub is the egos of the men aboard! With a cowardly captain causing difficulty for a competent crew, they can only watch in horror as the consequences of his decisions unfold.

This tense adventure story from Crowther is beautifully complimented by interiors from Nebot and a classic cover from Jeff Bevan.

Commando 5498: Silver Collection: Mighty Midget

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