Kickstarter Highlight: Owl People Book 1 - The Fruit

Owl People Book 1 - The Fruit

There's new dark fantasy comics about fairies on Kickstarter from Glasgow based Letty Wilson. In the first of six chapters, the Kickstarter brings the webcomic to print for the first time along with the chance to get exclusive creepy prints, original art, notebooks, and even a special TTRPG.

The book will be A5 in size, with a colour cover and 208 pages of black and white interior artwork.

The story

In a Scottish city full of conspiring pixies, territorial witches and forgotten paths to other worlds, an exiled fairy struggles to find her way, and remember her own past…
Mr Tyto is an Owl Person,  tasked with protecting the creatures of all the worlds that tumble through the Gyre, and guarding the routes in and out. It’s a rough job, and it’s about to get very complicated.

Owl People 1 preview 1

Book 1: The Fruit features a terrible underground orchard, a coven of gay witches, an oracle of worms, fungi portals, travel-sized forest gods, sirens, goblins, devils, and a cute little bug in a hat!

Mixing traditional Scottish and European folklore with modern fantasy and horror style, I want to tell a story that draws on the fairytales I grew up with and brings them a modern focus. This book is one I’ve been cooking up for almost as long as I have been making up stories – the main characters are ones I’ve doodled on my books in school since I was little, and the story itself has grown and developed over the years, gaining deeper emotional and political significance as the real world changed around it. 

Owl People 1 preview 2

Reward Tiers

The lowest tier, for just a PDF copy, is £8.

For a bit more, the Early Bird digital bundle is still available for £12 where you can get a digital PDF copy of the book, plus digital exclusive extras. £15 is the usual price once the early bird specials have all gone.

If you're after the book in physical form along with a PDF copy, then the early bird special is still available and a pledge of £20 will get you this if funding is reached.  Once the early bird special period is over, it's £25.

From there, the price rises depending on what extras you want, ranging from the book in print form along with a notebook for £35 to £150 for all the other rewards mentioned plus an original page of artwork from the book.

For more information and to give the project some backing, head over to the Kickstarter page: Owl People Book 1: The Fruit by Letty Wilson — Kickstarter

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