Zip: A Grungy Superhuman Comic Now on Amazon

by Benjamin Williams
25th March, 2024
2 minutes

Following the second issue reaching 112% funding on Kickstarter, an independent comic set in Bristol, Mike Scrase's Zip is now available for readers worldwide on Amazon through publisher Markosia.

Zip running

The series launched with Zip #1 on Kickstarter, introducing us to a world where superhumans walk among us, each grappling with their unique abilities and the societal prejudices that come with them. The protagonist, known simply as Zip, possesses extraordinary speed, a power that proves both a blessing and a curse as she navigates the complexities of her life.

Following the success of the first issue, which reached 110% funding on Kickstarter, Zip #2 delves deeper into the gritty reality of its characters. The black-and-white art style, crafted by San Espina, complements the raw and unfiltered storytelling, giving readers a visceral experience that's both visually stunning and emotionally gripping¹.

The second issue introduces a new nemesis, Mr. Untouchable, whose martial arts prowess is unmatched. His encounters with Zip promise to be explosive, both literally and figuratively, as her high-energy release upon extreme stress makes for a volatile combination with his untouchable skills.

Zip and the suit monster

Mike Scrase's writing brings a fresh perspective to the superhero narrative, focusing on the flawed and vulnerable nature of his characters. They're not just heroes and villains; they're individuals with their own struggles and stories, making them all the more relatable.

For those who missed the initial Kickstarter campaign, worry not. Zip #1 is now available through Amazon, bringing this grungy superhuman comic to a broader audience. And Zip #2 surely won't be far behind.

Whether you're a long-time fan of superhero tales or new to the genre, Zip offers a unique take that's worth exploring.

Will Zip be available in print?

Due to Markosia only publishing longer form comics in print, and the costs involved in creating a single issue of Zip, new issues will still be funded through Kickstarter. This means that physical copies of individual issues will remain exclusive to backers, and they will see newly released digitally copies first: before they appear on Amazon via Markosia.

But Zip may one day be available in print outside of Kickstarter. Scrase plans to collect Zip's stories into printed trade paperbacks, which Markosia does distribute. These will organise the narrative into arcs: the first of which has already begun in Zip #1.

Readers excited for the continuation of the series can keep up to date with Zip by signing up through the website's mailing list, or through its Facebook page, Twitter account, or Instagram profile.

About Zip: A Grungy Superhuman Comic

Zip's superior speed makes the rest of the world appear as if it moves in slow motion. It makes fighting crime easy, but living a normal life a desperate dream.

In her care lives her ancient ancestor: a genius who achieved immortal life long ago – but at the price of having his mind broken.

Zip shoulders the burden of knowing that the only way to end his suffering is to find a way to kill him: but can it be done? And what if his secret for eternal life should fall into the wrong hands?

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