Kickstarter Highlight: SKRAWL 2 Comix Mag

The original SKRAWL Comix Magazine was released in 2020, and it sat in my to-read pile for more than a year. I finally got around to reading it a month or so again, and all I can say is that it was pure quality. And now, SKRAWL #2 is live on Kickstarter! Easily one of my favourite anthology comics, and I was desperate for there to be more.

About SKRAWL 2

SKRAWL 2 will feature sequential strips from all The SKRAWLLORDZ. Who are the SKRAWLLORDZ? There's Mark Hughes, Russell Mark Olson, Nick Prolix, Martin Simpson, Pete Taylor, and Gustaffo Vargas and additional material from their guests.

Lined up for SKRAWL #2 are David Rubín (Cosmic Detective, Rumble), Anna Readman (Metallic Dynamite), Norm Konyu (The Junction) and Jordan Thomas (Weird Work, Frank at Home on the Farm). Editorial Legend Shelly Bond (Filth & Grammar) is the subject of the Big SKRAWL interview and Leah Moore (Morrison Hotel) and Owen Sherwood (The Incredible Flight of Tony Featherneck) will provide the mag with an illustrated short story.


The 80-page comic magazine will be US format, (magazine - not comic, it's a bit bigger - at 28x21cm / 11x8.2inch) and perfect bound. 


At this point, we usually show a few preview images, but the SKRAWL team has put together the main story previews on two handy pictures.

SKRAWL 2 main previews

SKRAWL 2 guests previews


Rewards start at £4 for a digital copy of issue 2. If you missed out on the first issue, you can get both for £9.

For £10, you can have a physical copy of SKRAWL 2 and the digital copy. And it's £22 for the physical SKRAWL catch-up and digital copies of both.

Other rewards included sketches, but they've all been snapped up by some lucky backers who got in there early.

Kickstarter Link: SKRAWL 2 Comix Mag by Russell Mark Olson — Kickstarter

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