Launching on Kickstarter: Sentinel Issue 10 - Newtopia.

Tomorrow (Saturday 6th of November), sees the launch of Sentinel #10 on Kickstarter. The hugely popular series take their first step into Sci-Fi Noir territory with Newtopia, a mix of Blade Runner and anything where Humphrey Bogart called someone a "Dame".

Sentinel issue 10 Newtopia cover

Sentinel comic was conceived in October 2019, by artist Ed Doyle and writer Alan Holloway, both having worked together on several fanzines.

The idea is to have a complete story (usually 64 pages) in every issue, so there's no messing around with readers having to put up with the Indie publishing schedule, which can be rather slow. The format is digest, following on from the classic UK title Starblazer, with art in black and white.

The comic covers science fiction, fantasy and horror, both straight and silly, delighting in mixing up narrative and art styles depending on who is playing in that issue. Whilst the original intention was for Ed and Alan to do every issue, a roster of UK Indie artists have come on board simply to make a fun comic, with no egos of money demands. A true comic collective, Sentinel is a model for people who want to make comics simply to make comics.

Issue ten is “Newtopia”, the first step into Sci-Fi Noir territory, a mix of Blade Runner and anything where Humphrey Bogart called someone a “Dame”. Two citizens on the run for their lives, hoping to make that one big score so they can get off-planet and away from the cesspit that is Newtopia City. 

Artist Dave  Metcalfe-Carr has been involved in small press and indie comics since  1992 when he published Slices #1. Over the years he's worked on several titles with writer Rol Hirst on several series and one-offs, as well as contributing to anthologies in the UK, America and Netherlands.  He currently spreads his time between working on Sentinel, Paragon and his own titles Being a Girl and England Made Me.  His comic Modern Life Is  Rubbish, drawn by Chris Askham was named in the top 50 small press comics of all time by Down the Tubes.

Alan Holloway has been writing comics for a few years now, after a lifetime of reading them. He was a regular contributor to the 2000AD Fanzine Zarjaz, and met his Sentinel Co-creator Ed Doyle through Irish Fanzine Sector 13. 

He is the writer on all issues of Sentinel, specializing in switching genres and styles, well known for his fun plots and snappy dialogue.

"I’m not surprised how brilliant this is because it’s Alan Holloway and  Sentileers or Indie comics fans, especially this one, already know just how good his storytelling is. If you’ve picked up any of Alan’s work  it’s obvious how expertly Alan bends the storytelling to multiple genres" - UK Comic Book News on Issue 8, "To Be A Hero"

Head over to Kickstarter today to get notified on launch and back what we're sure will be another brilliant issue: SENTINEL COMIC ISSUE 10 - NEWTOPIA by alan holloway — Kickstarter

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