Therian Tail: A New Comic Book Adventure on Kickstarter

by Benjamin Williams
21st February, 2024
1 minute

If you're a fan of thrilling and action-packed stories that feature anthropomorphic animals, then you won't want to miss the upcoming Kickstarter campaign for Therian Tail, which is set to launch on March 1st.

Therian Tale cover

Therian Tail is an immersive tale that takes you on a journey of discovery and adventure, following the courageous young German shepherd, Ava, as she sets out to find freedom.

Along the way, she'll encounter countless obstacles, challenges and threats to her life that will test her strength and perseverance, as well as meet new friends who will help her in her quest.

The book includes the first two chapters of this thrilling tale, making it 100 pages long, complete with cover art that perfectly captures the essence of the story.

There will be an exclusive short story for the printed and digital versions through Kickstarter, called Scents on the Wind. This won't be uploaded to the comic sites where Therian Tail frequents as a webcomic. The short story follows Ava's very first adventure beyond the fences of the estate. 

Therian Tale Scents on the Wind

It features a lovely cover by PGHarts and will also be the exclusive print for the campaign without all the text on it.

Therian Tale Prints

The campaign also includes an exclusive sticker, and you can also grab some original sketch pages.

Therian Tale sketches

Head over to Kickstarter and sign up to be notified when the campaign goes live.

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